7 thoughts on “Resistance Is Fertile: Himmler Exhumed Live On Air In Boston

  1. One thing these two guys are right about, if Jay Severin had used these epithets and racially motivated descriptions of people about Black citizens or Jewish citizens, this idiot punk Jay Severin would never ever work in the media again. But because Mexican Americans and other Latino’s have become such fair game and easy targets, the fodder for racists and bigots, then Nazi’s like Jay Severin can get away with it and only suffer a hand slap and are able to issue lame public apologies that aren’t even really apologies. In fact they usually boost their ratings and they become just another one of the darlings of the fascist’s. In my life I have never been witness to such a blatant racial dystopia that the US has become today.

  2. What this fool Severin said was pretty disturbing, but I have built such a thick skin that I can only pity this ignorance. Also, I’ve fortified my self-image so much so that I will never consider myself the low man on the totem pole(One of the hosts ranked Mexicans as just above Muslims on “America’s totem pole.) If anybody tries to put me there, they’ve got another thing coming.

  3. You know XicanoSerg, I’ve got a pretty thick skin too, that is when chingandole with friends and family, you have to to keep your sanity in this crazy world, but my skin is very thin, in fact it’s transparent when it comes to someone dogging out and hating on my family, and my raza. I’m an old timer now and I don’t give a shit about going to jail or losing my life over something I believe in, I’ve had my curada’s and experienced the best and worst of what has been thrown my way. But I won’t take any of that racist shit that the State of Arizona wants to lay on us, and I won’t stand for any of that racist mierda to come down on my family or the raza. Fuck them all, I’ll go down in flames fighting before I will ever accept being a kow towing slave to rascist culero’s like the Arizona White Peoples Party, aka The Republican Party of Arizona.
    I respect you and your words XicanoSerg but now is not the time to be thick skinned, our ass’s depend on action and determination, (and solidarity!)
    Con Gana’s Rana’s!

  4. By the way, to whoever is listening, this Arizona racial profiling law #1070, that directly targets not so much “undocumented workers”, that it purportedly is designed for, but Mexican Americans who vote more specifically. Mexican immigrants and Mexican Americans are out populating the “white right wing” population of Arizona and are a “threat” to the Republican voting block of Arizona. To deter or prevent this from happening the right wing fascists of Arizona are going to try to prevent the Mexican American population from establishing themselves as a voting power. The Mexican American vote is typically pro immigrant, pro labor, pro democratic, and the Republican Governor knows this and therefore has signed into law #1070 in order to prevent more Mexicans from establishing themselves in Arizona, legal, illegal and there offspring Chicano children. Once educated these offspring of the Mexican immigrant population will become a power and change the good ol boy Republican control of Arizona.
    Scare tactics is all #1070 is pure and simple.
    Anyone who thinks that they will be able to just sit on thier ass’s and shine this situation on is going to be sadly mistaken, it going to get very ugly before it gets better.
    Boycott Arizona!

  5. Everything he said was vile and even childish, but the worst thing he said, and what he should even be arrested for, in my point of view, is his comment about Mexicans bringing disease. There’s no science to prove that, and it is a comment that could easily incite violence. Where did racist white people get the idea that the 1st amendment protects ALL speech? It doesn’t. You can’t yell “bomb” in an airport, or “fire” in a crowded theater. And you can’t go on air, to thousands of people, and insist, as fact, that any particular nationality of immigrants are bringing disease to America. It’s just more proof of how uneducated most of them are.

  6. Orale pues Dq! I see your point: We can’t let these ignorant hacks set the agenda! Boycott Arizona! Racial Profiling and illegal searches are not the solution and our hardworking immigrant brothers/sisters are not the problem!

  7. Many of us Mexican Americans have thick skins. This is both a gift and a curse, we should not just laugh this ignorant bastard’s words off. This racist pig Jay Severin is influencing pendejos to harm our most weakest brothers and sisters because if these cowards stepped to us they would wonder why they woke up in a hospital bed. We must make our voices heard just like the African-American and Jewish communities.

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