Notice Served: Three The Hard Way

Here are some shows to check out this weekend. Note: First show is on Thursday. If you into hardcore (and powerviolence), then this is like a damned potty. Apoplectic to announce the return of Stapled Shut. I saw em at No Que No years ago, and some drunk punks stumbled in and almost puked on my shoes. One looked at me, while SS played, and blurted, “Are these guys from Finland?” Uh, no. According to their myspace they sound like “puro desmadre.” Who doesn’t like that? Check out their lovely anthem, “Kill The Corporates.” How you like them drums? Endless Demise (-ex Excruciating Terror, -ex Nausea LA) also playing and more.

Kill The Corporates
[audio:|titles=Kill the Corporates]

Stapled Shut

Then Friday, the return of the legendary Despise You. This was my favorite band from the mid-late 90’s. How many letters did I exchange with these guys? Just a great, unrelenting band. I remember I gave Martin Crudo a tape and he called me and said “that band is the shit.” No shit.

Passive Position
[audio:|titles=Passive Position]

Lack of Interest has been one of the greatest hardcore bands in the last decade. Bob and Grandpa never disappoint. Were you there when they played with Excruciating Terror in that Lynwood backyard or when then-vocalist Trevor went nude at the PCH? Me too. I have seem em many times and it is never enough.

[audio: |titles=Nothing]
[audio: |titles=Impeached]

Despise You

On Sunday, the return of Subsistencia, It has been about 7 years no? Marco and Gino told me that they are back with new songs and ready to carry on. Real, conscious punk rock. I am often asked if this band will ever play again. Here they are, better than ever. Aztlan Underground also performing. It’s an “Anarchist Cafe” with various activities planned besides musical performances.

[audio:|titles=04 La Papa Liberada copy]
Anarchist Cafe

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  1. Holy shit! Never thought Stapled Shut would play again. They hardly ever played out back in the 90’s, either, as far as I know. I saw them at No Que No (along with Phobia, Dystopia and a couple others, I think), but that was the only time I ever knew of them playing live.

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