Corazon del pueblo poetry nights

Flowers of Fire: Poesia de Lucha y Amor

Join Boyle Heights Bards:
for a FREE Bi-Monthly Poetry, Performance, & Open Mic Event

January 13th
Early Sign-Ups for Open Mic: 7:30pm-8:00pm

@ Corazon del Pueblo
2003 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles 90033

Featured Poets:
Matt Sedillo
John Carlos de Luna

Featured Musician:
Calix Reneau

Featured Poets:
Abel Salas
Christy Ramirez
Dora Magaña

Featured Musicians:
City Terrace’s own Original Rock Sons
Willie Herron lll (Los Illegals)
Sid Medina (The Brat)

FLOWERS OF FIRE scheduled for January 13th & 27th

7 thoughts on “Corazon del pueblo poetry nights

  1. Yes, It is free…Lets also remember that this is a new space that is being sustained by the community for the community. It is a not for profit arts space.You dont have to pay one cent to come and share your poetry ,music and or art.Though if someone has a problem with donating $2 for a soda, a water, or for the raffles so that the space stays open to serve the community. Then we know where their heart is.It really is sad how people can hate and not see the hard work and commitment others take on. That is the disconection we have within the community and that is why we struggle because of the lack of support and negativity others put out. Its always so disapointing when our same people wish failure upon their own.

  2. You are preaching to the choir, Uplift. How many free 37-years-of events does/has Self Help Graphics put on, with not one penny of donations from the peeples? Its all the artists that have donated their work to keep it open for everyone. That’s how life is. Nowadays vendors sponsor the Self Help Graphics events—that was the only way to crunch the numbers–so that we could still give to the community–freely. I only mentioned being charged at the door, because your maiden event was announced as free, but then there was a $5 charge when you got there. Thanks for the clarification

  3. The sisters and brothers involved have put in so much from their own hearts and pockets,these individuals don’t have the privilage to own property,dont have a big last names to carry them around,but as you said “no use in preaching to the choir” amiga but your sarcasm only proves the previous point that we as a community struggle because of the lack of support and negativity others put out within the same community against each other.Instead of trying to build and seek solidarity we chose the opposite and put out negative intention and word. Non the less if you ever want to have a dialogue and build we are here doors and arms wide open.
    Paz Y dignidad.

  4. To “Victoria”, I’ve been to many many events at self help over the years, and almost all of the musical , or performance shows ask for a 5 to 10 dollar donation at the door. I pay, because i understand what it takes for our spaces to stay open, it takes us supporting eachother in small ways. How much do we all spend at bars when we go out? Self Help has recieved grants over the years as well. Corazon is a small collective working together to keep a space open for the benefit of the community. Comments like your first one show that you truly don’t understand what it takes to keep doors open at community spaces. Corazon has had 3 events, the first one asked for a donation at the door, and no one was turned away, and the last 2 were free. Please stay positive in the light of others’ efforts to create positive spaces in our barrios.

  5. I think you all are being sensitive—I can’t make you feel better about this—nor can your justifications. I have the right to ask the question, just as you have the right to do what you gotta do. If my tone seems sarcastic, well that’s what your eyes/heart see & feel. I can’t change that. I was going to go to the first poetry event you had, it was not clear on the publicity that there would be a charge. As a person that creates event fliers for a living, I know that–date, time, address, brief description & price are the ABC’s of event advertising. If someone there dropped the ball on the entrance fee data–we are all human and err–the rest of the publicity seemed very well thought out though—like a professional writer did it. My understanding is that even the performers, who were giving their time to you freely that first poetry event, were charged. If there was an option to donate or not, that was not clear to those that attended. If this information is wrong, please correct me. I think this is as good a place as any to clarify—especially since you ask me to “dialogue” yet you left off your name and email contact, so that I could do so privately. Don’t you think it is better and healthier to air out any misunderstandings? I am not undermining what you want to do, in fact, I am bringing out matters that others have told me in private–because I think you should have the opportunity to speak about them too. In the end, I REALLY DO want to feel that you are “El Corazon del Pueblo” and I DO want to support what you are doing with my attendance.

  6. Being of a generation of Familia de Boyle Heights, and coming out of the so called “Lower-Socio economical background”, it is of the up most importance to the members of the community that any organization utilizing or advertising itself as “Corazon del Pueblo” make any costs to any member of said pueblo known upfront to all members of the community. If it is truly the purpose to serve and benefit the community, then any person wishing to participate in any function should be welcomed. Any person indigenous to the community would know the importance of embracing any and all members of the “Pueblo” whether or not they can afford entry, I believe entry should be granted to members of the community living within the zip code. Maybe even invited, at no cost of course. Que Viva Arte, We are created and creators. Let us build community together and equally.

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