GDL/LA: books y suavitel

Promo video for the Guadalajara Bookfair

As some of you might know, The City of Los Angeles is the invited guest at this year’s La Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara appropriately taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico this weekend. There will be quite a few Eastside and other Los Angeles writers and artists heading down to participate in the various musical offerings, panel discussions and lectures. In particular, the Vexing exhibition will be making an appearance and artists Sandra de la Loza and Shizu Saldamando will be presenting Eighteen With a Bullet.

I recently returned from a trip to Guadalajara and have a warning for those heading down for the events. The GDL airport does not have x-ray equipment to search your checked-in luggage on your way back. Passenger luggage is picked through and examined by young, tough women with immaculate eye make-up who dig and pull your items from the suitcase in full view of everyone in the airport lobby. Be prepared and don’t end up like the poor ranchero who made a whole line of people gasp when a large homegrown camote was discovered and pulled out from the recesses of his bursting suitcase.

In case you are wondering what Guadalajara and Los Angeles have in common (that is, besides the hundreds of thousands of people that consider both of these cities home) you can buy Suavitel in both places. The guy who tried to bring his camote to Los Angeles obviously didn’t know this because the luggage examiner also pulled out a large bottle of the laundry detergent from his suitcase only to have the line of Tapatio-Angeleno passengers tsk tsk his ignorance. Hey, these things are good to know, right?

Just came across this blog following some of the LA folks in Guadalajara: Blogalajara, Vexico.

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  1. /somewhat off-topic

    You can also buy Suavitel at the Harvard Square CVS in Cambridge, MA. Think how I felt when I found it. When I first moved to Harvard dorms and needed detergents, I went there looking for Downy. Lo and behold I found Suavitel. FUCK YEAH!

  2. has anyone noticed how some products, altho the same, are different here from the ones in mexico. gansitos and coca cola taste different.

  3. Check out our blog! Up to the minute postings about all that’s happening in the GDL from Daniel Gonzalez (artist extraordinaire) and Colin Gunckel (the co-curator of the VEXING exhibit being show at the MUSA). Track our day to day meanderings, and pictures of events. Video walk through of the exhibitions coming soon!

  4. Hey i just heard that Tony Baloney aka Viejito Rabo Verde aka LA mayor is going down to GDL for the Book Fair.
    No mames, haz me el pinche favor..he has no book to promote, no mas va de metiche el guey!

    He’s lucky he’s not my cities mayor (Montebello here) 🙂

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