3 thoughts on ““For me to poop on”

  1. They can dump on us all they want but we usually get the last laugh, like the mighty Trojans did before 106,000 Ohio State fans last night in Columbus Ohio.

  2. All these out-of-towners types who love to dump on L.A., I usually see them later visiting Hollywood in their bermuda shorts taking photos of the stars on the sidewalks. LOL!

    And to all those L.A. hater types that like to bag on my city—-Hey!, with all it’s faults, L.A. is still 100 times better than the podunk you’re in!!!! 🙂

    -submitted by Al Desmadre while sitting in the Juror room at the L.A. County Courthouse.

    p.s. my anti-spam word was “Chulo” but i forgot to type in the “h”.

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