American Social Problems

I attended an intro to sociology course called “American Social Problems” during the second week of school at ELAC and left questioning my academic, sociocultural, and career intentions with a shed of liberal light from an episode of Michael Moore’s “Awful Truth.” Why do I really want to go to school? Am I making a bad investment with hopes of an unreasonably better return that I probably don’t deserve? If I succumb to the system, will I turn into a capitalist-driven bloodsucker whose bottom line is money?

I think America is inflicted with an at-large social cancer that is slowly (or quickly, depending on how one interprets time and space) detiriorating the human spirit and his/her pursuit of true happiness. This cancer is so detectable, it’s undetectable. I cringe when I see my neighbor’s toddler children eating corporate-made candies with their silver capped teeth. My heart aches when I see jobless, injured, disabled people loitering around Downtown LA, in front of LA County Hospital, at Hollebeck Park.

Will I change in a semester? Where is the hope in a deteriorating society?

More American social problems:
– Prescription drug addiction
– Overprescribing people
– Overdiagnosing people
– Inhumane conditions in American city/county jails and state prisons
– Close-minded Americanism
– American greed
– American obesity
– Corporate takeover on food
– Lazy, apathetic government employees
– American apathy
– Under-representation of day laborers who live month-to-month
– Corporate education


7 thoughts on “American Social Problems

  1. You know its good that its made you think.
    Some people become indifferent and dont care. They give up and settle for less.
    This whole recession with the banking meltdown and home foreclosures,etc was all due to the majority of peoples greed.
    It was about immediate gratification.
    I think education is good, knowledge is power.
    But not everything is sucky and negative.
    You need to find your bliss and your passion and pursue that.
    Decide what it is that you want your contribution to society to be, your legacy.
    Have that purpose and reason to move forward and motivate you.
    Remember you dont have to be a statistic or stereotype.
    We all have free will, to make choices,to decide what best suits us. You control your own destiny, its your life.

    Echale ganas and dont lose hope.

    -There is a solution to everything except death.

  2. Charity begins at home! Instead of sending funding or lots of aid to different countries lets spend some of the money here in America!!! No way should children or people go hungry in this country!!!

  3. I have seen drug addiction, it stinks and have corrupted a lot of people and made a lot of people cynical about the poor.

    Veterans and the war machine is another whole can of worms that is eating the American society.

    Because of these two big problems there is only a smaller piece of the pie to apply to the rest of the problems.
    It is a big challenge and will take a lot of big sacrifice and unity to work.

  4. “Getting an education” is cool (you will write nice essays and learn how to use business machines), but you’d do yourself a favor and start trying to find work in whatever field you think you’re interested in right now.

    I found this out my senior year of university, when I thought about following my major on to graduate school I looked back and thought “Damn, I could have been talking with professors at other universities this whole time.”

    You can also spend some time learning a real trade or craft of some sort (if you don’t know one already), or to learn another one on top of what you know now. Heck, even the basics of business accounting would be a huge asset in whatever biz you find yourself in.

    From what I’ve read, the dollar is going to implode with massive inflation sometime soon. That is great news if you owe a bunch of money or if you want to work in manufacturing in the U.S. again.

  5. loveandhatela wrote:

    “You know its good that its made you think.”

    I haven’t seen any evidence of that. All I saw was a cut and paste of the usual shots republicans take at Michael Moore masked in sarcasm.

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