El Lechero


This is so friggin awesome! I’m guessing it’s from the 30’s or 40’s! I found it on a house exterior. The Milkman would open this little door……


…and you’d indicate your milk order on this little dial. here is the little door, usually would open towards the kitchen…and the milkman would leave your order here….


and additional shots of the Milkman delivery bay!


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11 thoughts on “El Lechero

  1. I had one of those little doors in the previous house I rented. I always thought it was so cool. My kitchen also had one of the old time iceboxes that was built into the cabinetry. The place I live in now (built 1917) also has a built in icebox.

  2. This reminds me of the house I grew up in that had an incinerator in the backyard to burn your trash. I remember many a pyromaniac memory as a kid burning stuff. These days a fire pit has the honors. Spending summer vacation in Tijuas as a kid I also remember burning old tires, plastic milk gallons, and old “tenis” as all the psychedelic colors flamed and puffy fumes hissed letting out all kinds of “funny” aromas. Life is a lot simpler and pleasant when the PC, FDA, ABC, KFC, MLB, and all the other “acroymnous” agencies turn a blind eye, as “they” say, for a little fun once in a while. All in moderation of course. Most people now would be appalled that some of us still drink whole milk and spread real butter on our pan tostado. Bring back the Milkmen of old. We need thick, fat-filled whipped cream and buttermilk in our diets once again.

  3. My old house in Studio City had one of these little milk doorways too. Part of the inside was covered with sloppy old paint but you could see what it was about with the same kind of instruction dial. It was called “Milk-O-Matic,” so there must have been competing businesses installing these in houses for the convenience of milk vendors and consumers. Now I wish I had taken a picture of it to compare. That house was built in the 1930s.

  4. AL- Great find!!! What a picture!! My experince as kid (60’s) probably doesn’t go as far back as that door, but I do remeber our “Foremost” milkman back in the day,( a nice white man named “Clarence”) he had bottles of milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, and fruit punch all in glass bottles, when you opened the cap on a milk bottle there was always some sweet cream just under the cap. Milk today just doesn’t taste like that anymore, I guess it’s the difference between glass and plastic containers. We also had a “Carnation” Ice Cream Truck back then also, a little old white man with a leather apron would come out and open the little door on the back of the truck!!

  5. I remember the Carnation/Foremost milkmen and their delivery trucks from my childhood in the seventies. The milk use to come in a thick glass bottle and you’d return the empties when the milkman bought a new delivery. I remember my dad and I would drive the South Central route with his milkman buddy,Arturo while my dad recovered from a workplace injury.

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