Hollenbeck Police Station party


Did you ever want to see inside the NEW Hollenbeck Police Station as a vistor and not a guest !?! Well this Saturday there is going to be a public dedication ceremony. Tony V., Huizar, Reyes and Bratton are gonna be on hand kicking off this little shindig.

It’s from 6-9 p.m. and it’s free to the public. They are going to be giving station tours, food and have police exhibits on hand. So if you have nothing to do this Saturday check it out. You know you’re going to end up there anyway.

19 thoughts on “Hollenbeck Police Station party

  1. I want to take a tour of the new jail cells so I could get a feel of it next time they arrest me for selling oranges and hot dogs on the corner! pinches gueyes

  2. Lol and then end up on the gang database. Who will be the first to tag it? (not a challenge!!! be smart mocosos and dont do it!)

  3. I will not go. This is a shameless attempt to mask their abusive conduct on the streets.

    “Hey, how bad can we be? We threw them a party.”.

  4. Claro que si pero I think it would prove to be a good opportunity to case the place the next time you get pinched. That way you can have a planned exit route to the ’91 Plymouth Voyager collecting tickets in the loading zone.

  5. For all of you who like to complain about the police, I say they stop trying to protect you and let the pendejos run amuck. Then you’ll be the first ones bitching that the cops are racist and don’t care about you because your latino. What a load. Grow up, get a job, and stop dressing and acting like a gang banger. Maybe then they won’t jack with you! Novel concept huh?

  6. Latina with a brain,

    According to your logic, we’d be the “pendejos” running amok, wouldn’t we?!? I mean, if we’re uneducated cholos, as you put it. Why would we need the jura to protect us…from ourselves? Que locuras…

    Also, Latina Brainiac…

    it’s “because you’re Latino”, not “because your”.

    And, it’s “amok”, not “amuck”. Common error. I’d normally let it slide, but you did call yourself Latina with a brain, and insisted all of us are stupid. So who’s stupid now, esa?


    Cop hater

  7. not to add any weight to her claims of having a brain, but actually, according to the dictionary, it can be written either way, “amok” or “amuck.”

    as for the back-pats for the cops “protecting” us, how about the scores of folks who ARE grown up, HAVE jobs, DON’T dress and act like a gang banger and STILL get fucked with? dunno what special section of los it is where latinas with brains grow up and have no negative experiences with police, but i sure wish i’d grown up there, ’cause city terrace sure as hell had no shortage of police who loved to randomly pick up people off the street and “protect” them in back alleys….

  8. Before correcting someone else’s grammar and punctuation, you might want to fix your own.

    Periods and commas always go inside the quotation marks. A common error, but an error nonetheless.

  9. Dam are you people serious? wtf no sense of humor come on now loosen up homies!
    @ Latina with a brain haha! another person that thinks they are to good for the hood they grew up in….

  10. No kidding. Have a sense of humor about these things. One experience doesn’t invalidate another, but don’t make friggin’ generalizations either. I am just happy that there will be food. I don’t always like the police, but sometimes I act fat and like the idea of a free weenies and hamburguesas.

  11. Tumors and Moxy, since you guys didn’t claim to be smarter than the rest of us, I accept and appreciate your correction.

  12. But more importantly will there be DONUTS?

    Im a Latino but more of a nerd/geek, preppy or as my family would say “stop acting white”.
    And ive been stopped by cops many times in the past, but the one time i won’t ever forget was- when i use to drive “oh there was a robbery and you and your car fit the description”- this was in Monterey Park of all places, one car became 3 patrol cars and all had their weapons out pointed at me.
    The whole drama took like 45 minutes and then they let me go, after they bring the robbery “witness” to try to ID me or not.
    What i hated the most was that out of the 4 cops, 2 were Latinos and they didn’t even say sorry or anything.
    I took names and badge numbers and complained.

    I also have in my extended family- members that are in law enforcement. I told one of them recently that he was a napoleon midget with little man syndrome. He could not do anything he was off duty and i didn’t break any laws…freedom of speech! 🙂
    City cops are the bottom of the barrel, sheriffs and highway patrol get more respect.
    And “latina with a brain” the pendejos you describe are not even on this website- they are too busy partying- the same ones that ignored you in high school because you were a fat chick with a nice personality.

    – es la verdad.

  13. Nope, definitely not smarter than the rest of you, just a former copy editor who can’t stop noticing grammar issues. 😉

    And being a very white Puerto Rican, I have no firsthand experience of how darker-skinned Hispanics are treated by the police, so I have no comments to offer on that topic! But I do love free food…

  14. Living on the Eastside and observing the cops as a pedestrian I am shocked at how they treat people on the Eastside of Los Angeles. Me walking (and not driving) in downtown around skidrow, South Central, the Westside, Compton, Watts I would have to say the police treat the general public on the Eastside of Los Angeles worse than even the people on skidrow.

    It’s really shocking the amount of just regular people getting stopped and bothered by the police on the Eastside. I see them stopping moms in minivans, people just doing stuff like selling things from a cart, it is very shocking. The police are very abusive and intimidating on the Eastside.


  15. Loveandhatela,
    The Monterey Park PD are some of the most abusive racist a-holes of a department out there, on par with Covina and Culver City PDs (all 3 are notorious for harassing minorities, youth and the poor). I have a lot of familia on the southwestern edge of MP and have been harassed by them too many times to count. The worst was the time I got frustrated after a fruitless search and 45 minute wait and decided to tell them (politely at first, until oneof them pushed me on the floor and said shut the f up) that this was uneccesarry, I was 17 and got 16 stitches on the back of the head. I also got detained crossing the street to get paper for a class I had at ELAC (for no apparent reason beyond being brown and having short hair, not a baldy) and they found a warrant I had for unfinished community service and took me in (after kneeing me in the chest, which was their response when the officer put me in cuffs without telling me what was going on), even some proffessors were yelling at the cops, and they threatened to arrest the protestors of my abuse. I still hope my books and bag that were left in class went to good use. Ive also been pulled over and ticketed for speeding when i damn well knew I wasnt and various other BS excuses.

    In terms of hollenbeck PD and ELA sherriffs, I dont really see them as abusive, and most locals consider them kind of chill compared to other local jurisdictions. Usually when ive been stopped by either eastlos departments, they check for a gun, gang affiliation (stomach tats), give you a ticket and let you go.

    Actually, the excessive ticketing thing is abusive, but it is such a norm in working class areas that it takes the Pd holding you for extreme lenghts of time or beating you up for it to be deemed abusive by most locals. Whenever you get ticketed, the PD treats you in a “got’em” manner that makes you feel like a calf being lasso’d at a rodeo, like a piece of meat being subdued so they can get their prize for giving out enough tickets.

    Its that feeling, and the fact that cops so freely ticket and arrest minorities with no regard for the reprecussions of the fine or legal punishment that is so disgusting. At one point I owed over $4k in tickets, and honestly, 2/3rds of them were from MPPD for bullshite charges that were either lies or the cop had to sit and look around until then found something. Ive gone to the CHP guy at court for fix-it tickets several times where the police laughed because the issue I was ticketed for was competely legal (light factory tint, minor exhaust modification that made no noise and i had bought the car with). How about the millions of tickets barrio residents get for jaywalking (when i went to schurr hs a cop would sit across the street and once the crossing sign went to the red hand all the kids would get ticketed, despite school letting out and it being hundreds of kids flowing by), vending, speeding within 5 miles of the speed limit, not heeding to pedestrians despite the ped beingon the other side of the street and the numerous BS things they pin on you solely to get another notch on the ticket belt as well as the dehumanizing “im just ticket paying piece of meat” feeling you are left with.

    That kind scornful, ticket happy behavior is part of the generally abusive treament of our community actually. treatment like we dont matter and are only human cattle to mess with. It is also manifested when the PD, fire dept and emt’s run red lights, speed, put on their lights and sirens to pass traffic or a light (only to turn it off right after), drive like jerks and do other unsafe things that anyone else would get a ticket for. As well as the numerous other illegal things I see cops doing all the time, littering, driving using their cell phones, harrassing young girls, punking people because they got in front of them or honked at an officer driving irrationally.

    One time I got pulled over and the officer asked me why i sped (which i wasnt, i had been keeping an eye on the spedometer once the pd car had pulled off a side street onto the road i was on), and I told her the only time i accelerated was when she got behind me and tailgated me so i assumed she wanted to pass and sped up, which only pissed her off. She had cut off 3 elderly asian drivers (I was also behind oan elderly driver going slow when I was supposedly speeding) to pull me over, and let me sit in my car for over 20 minutes, despite me telling her i was late to a college class. Just last week I was walking my kid to school when a police officer tried to pull someone over for blocking them from speeding in front of a packed elementary school. Problem was it was not even in their city, which makes it illegal to pull someone over unless you followed them out of town and they did something ot warrant it. The officer couldnt ticket the driver so he just berated them for 5 minutes.

    Or the short bald latino MPPD officer who used to park in my alley and make out with our married neighbor while he was supposed to be on patrol. I recognized him years back in court while I was there to get a BS ticket dropped, while 2 other people there told stories about him abusing men and harassing women to a girl getting a restraining order on him (one of the other people’s wife also had a restraining order on the same fellow for harassing her). The worst part of BS tickets is how hard you have to fight to get them dropped, and how the judge acts all pissy when you dont know the process, and they basically make you pay either way.

    The whole catch-ticket-release behavior by police as well as their own disregard for laws and lack of ability to let people occassionally slide (not just pretty young girls who cry, I know several who have gotten away with muder doing that) create this resentment towards them. And where does it concentrate? Inthe communities where this kind of police activity is concentrated, poor minority areas. I work in Pasadena and the westside often, you dont see cops pulling that shit. I work with white middle class people, and they are more often let go for minor offenses with a warning, something that doesnt exist in poor nonwhite communities. Which is sad, because informal policing is key to safety and PD-community relationship building in high crime or poor areas. A key component of Informal policing being when cops warn people without arresting them or giving them a fine. The “broken windows” study that law enforcement loves to rely on noted how informal policing is just as important as mitigation of petty offenses in porer policing.

  16. You have to love how police cherry picked from that “broken windows” theory, which was actually an op ed in a major paper in the early 80s. They just ran with the preemptive action part of it. Ignored the part about letting petty things go and focusing on the important things, obviously. The gist of the article really served as a message to city maintenance, with the most important aspect of the message being to clean up signs of vandalism immediately. Broken glass, broken windows (hence the theory’s namesake). The article makes the case that the mere sight of vandalism breeds more vandalism. It’s really about vandalism and visible broken glass on streets, not about profiling people. Cops just gave the theory their own revisionist spin, not unlike corporations turning the phrase “proactive” into meaning aggressive. It really means the ability to choose your action as opposed to “re” acting to things on instinct. The power class in this country is notorious for taking a-political articles and books and giving them their own treatment.

  17. while personal negative experiences abound with cops all over the county, yeah, the ones in places around the san gabriel valley were always utter bastards:

    – being pulled over on two occasions by mppd and having them take polaroid pictures of us right there on the street. even gave us each a copy “for your parents.”
    – being thrown on top of rosemead police car for the crime of sitting at a bus stop, waiting for a bus.
    – being threatened with having my head shoved through one of those trailer-sized trash bins for the crime of going to a jamaica at a san gabriel church and walking from one ride to the another.
    – being pulled over on montebello blvd. and having the cop rile his K9 partner up right behind us to the point that the goddamned dog was roaring.
    – being stopped and searched three times by montebello police on the front lawn of a house and being told i “don’t belong here” even though i’d just told him i was on my way to my grandmother’s house three doors down from where he was searching me.
    – being made to sit on a curb on san gabriel blvd. for 45 minutes while two cops scoured the inside of a friend’s car, looking for anything they could arrest us for, and then threatening to do just that after they found a single ninja star buried at the bottom of a pile of clutter in the trunk.

    and there are more, all of which happened before i was 20, and none resulted in any sort of ticket or arrest. just pigs out bored and looking for people to pick on. i won’t even get into how we used to watch pigs roust local junkie girls outside my work for sex and such, kicked a friend in the throat for holding a candy bar in a threatening manner, or the numerous times i’ve had a gun put in my face by them as they “protected” me and mine…..

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