Dream Team L.A. Open House


Over the summer I joined up with Dream Team Los Angeles to help with the campaign that’s behind the DREAM Act. The team is a coalition of college support groups, organizations and individual community members combining their efforts to help pass the DREAM Act. With soo many different orgs and individuals out there doing their thing, the team unites all of those resources and people power to get work done. Whether it’s holding/participating in workshops to help people know what the DREAM Act is, how it helps them and how undocumented kids can still get a higher education at the college/university level. On June 23 we had a DREAM Graduation to raise some hell and get major media to take notice and it worked. as we continue to make legislative visits to congressional reps and continue to keep the DREAM Act in the publics conscience, letting people know about the team and what we do is also an integral part of what we do. I know because I’m the co-chair of out reach and recruitment. So with that being said I urge anyone who is interested in learning and/or helping with the DREAM Act campaign to come to the open house and find out what the team is about and meet great like minded people. If anyone wants anymore info contact the team at dreamteamlosangeles@gmail.com.

One thought on “Dream Team L.A. Open House

  1. I thought it said “LA Dream Team”. Is Rudy Pardee in the house again?

    I’m not going to the event, but if you need letters written to any politicians, just say so.

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