August 11-18. RAM LA. Free root canals, glasses, pap smears, minor med procedures (including cataract surgery,) blood lab work and MORE!!



August 11-18, 2009


The Forum
3900 W. Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90305


*How to Receive Treatment:*

All of our services are free and are provided by volunteers. The doctor is
free; the dentist is free; the eye doctor is free. Please arrive early,
bring a snack, and be prepared to wait. Your wait may be long; chairs will
be provided for your comfort.


DENTAL: Cleanings, fillings, extractions, and root canals. Everyone receives
a free dental exam. Pediatric dentistry is available.

VISION: Vision exam and free prescription glasses made onsite. (NOTE: May
not be able to make glasses for everyone.) Cataract surgery.

MEDICAL & WOMEN’S HEALTH: Mammograms and Pap smears; pediatric exams; adult
physicals & medical consults (including diabetes and hypertension);
chiropractors; acupuncture; blood lab work; chest X-rays; medication
assistance; and many other medical specialties available.

Services are provided by Remote Area Medical for the uninsured,
underinsured, unemployed, and those who cannot afford to pay. Services are
provided by volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygeinists, dental
assistants, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and other trained
health professionals from the State of California.

On August 11th through August 18th,* **Remote Area Medical* will provide free
medical, dental, and vision care to thousands of needy individuals in the
Los Angeles area. The event is being planned and will be operated by* **Remote
Area Medical*, an all volunteer 501(c)(3) charity providing free care to
uninsured, underinsured and indigent individuals throughout the United

Free care will be provided to anyone who needs it, without cost of any kind
to the patient, the taxpayer or the government.  There is no income test, no
insurance requirement, no restriction of any kind. Medical and non-medical
personnel will all be volunteers; supplies and equipment will be donated or
provided by RAM.

The free clinic will be held at the Forum in Inglewood, and will treat an
estimated 1,200 people a day, possibly more.  The Forum is being made
available through the generosity of the Faithful Central Bible Church,
owners of the facility.

We expect there to be 100 dental stations, 45 medical exam rooms, 25 eye exam
stations. Dentistry will include cleanings, extractions, fillings,
restorative procedures and root canals.  Prescription eye glasses will be
ground and fitted on-site. Minor dermatological and other medical procedures
will be performed. Pediatricians and pediatric dentists will be present.
Follow-up care will be arranged for those who need it, with most referrals
to private sector practices and facilities. There will be a strong emphasis
on education, prevention and self-care. Mammography, pap smears, chest
x-rays, diabetes screening, blood pressure screening, and other services
will be provided. Healthcare foundations and agencies will be invited to
distribute patient education materials.

They are also accepting volunteers, medical and nonmedical, click on the website for more information and forward this to nonprofit groups and people who may need these services. Free root canals, that is unheard of, but so awesome that RAM is doing this!!

58 thoughts on “August 11-18. RAM LA. Free root canals, glasses, pap smears, minor med procedures (including cataract surgery,) blood lab work and MORE!!

  1. The RAM event is a great thing to come to LA and I’m glad folks have been getting help even though it looks like I won’t. However, since it’s on the honor system that folks receiving medical aide have no insurance, I’m sure there are those opportunistic types, who do have some form of insurance, have employment, and could afford to pay for there co-payment, taking up space that could have gone to those more in need like me.

    I wish RAM had kept it on the down low that they were coming to town. I heard about it first on facebook. But when I saw it on all the local news channels, I knew it was gonna get packed. Did they really think LA doctors would answer the call to come down and donate their time and resources? This is the land of litigation. They don’t want to take on more risk(in their eyes). Sucks for me.

  2. Yeah, about a dozen times but it doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth for attention.

    please point out witch one?

    But I appreciate your comments because they gave everyone else a chance to refute and expound on our US catastrophe of a health care system.

    when did i mention the health care in america?

    you guys turned this into something else not me.

    rob i gave you a link saying the movie was bs, you called it a rt wing mag and have not proved that.

  3. Yeah, about a dozen times but it doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth for attention.

    Your bullshit statement

    i haven’t seen one person link any source to refute what i said. i guess you guys can call it bullshit and that makes it true but i need to post links for anything i say(witch i did).

  4. Browne, it’s great that they made the effort. I hope they keep organizing events like this. And the doctors who did show up deserve a ton of commendation for it. They’re an example of what real patriots are.

  5. What about going to the county clinic? It costs money, but, it’s flat rate. The prescriptions aren’t free, but you can go to a discounter.

    Anyone know the current ability-to-pay price?

  6. Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO did a quick segment on RAM’s event. Showed both it and an anti Obama rally elsewhere in LA. The guy doing the report was amazed that the people who had health care were so pissed off, yet the people who didn’t have it were thrilled to wait in long lines to get looked at, having no health care whatsoever, or junk insurance that doesn’t cover anything. Real quick with just a little footage, including a quick interview with the guy who runs RAM, but it was pretty good. Some tongue in cheek humor, of course, per the show’s style. But it got the point across.

  7. The other day this white dude told me.”The hell with all this teeth whitening etc, etc.. I just want to know if they can just turn my teeth to yellow from green”!!!

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