The Art of Art Activism


I fell into my art genre, tearfully waiting for my head to explode from the pressure of making a major life decision. It’s true what they say about giving birth to new ideas, and deciding on possible roads to take, they are painful and sometimes regretful. Nervously, you dive into your choices, like a first time Acapulco cliff jumper, hoping you’ll hit the right timing of the waves.

As I mentally engage for another art activism workshop this week—I give into its course, not knowing what to expect. I trust that my genuine effort to create something meaningful has its place in the world and like kinetic energy creates a small droplet of human hope into the universe. I see myself far and removed from the distant tragedies in the world, my voice against injustice seems so small and ineffective way over here in East LA.

I have been a guest art activist speaker in coffee houses, community centers, classrooms, galleries, conferences and workshops since 2002. Same topic, each one a little different than the last, but always an art project and a discussion or a theme related movie ending in an installation of the days’ creation of art. This presentation formula was part inspiration, research, trial & error and part wish list on of how I’d like to be presented to. Now it’s ‘my usual’ art activism workshop menu.  I can do this workshop on-the-spot with no preparation,  yet you’ll never see me print a brochure, because that would be too boring and confining.

This Saturday, we are trying something new—something spontaneous like one of Alan Kaprow’s mid-century Happenings. I don’t know what to expect, I guess that’s the whole point of a happening. Going into this final phase, I’m putting my to-do list away. Like a train building speed, this art activism workshop has its own momentum and I can step back and let it go. I’m ready to enjoy the day, the guests, the conversations and especially the community of Los Angeles artists that generously support every world-wide concern with their time and buoyant energies.

I have no regrets about having dividends that are counted in an excellent humanity and the engendering of young minds that want to make the world better. This Saturday I will again take the leap of faith knowing that my timing is perfect, a lush warm wave will catch me and I will resurface regenerated.

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