All Power to the Knuckleheads!


It didn’t take long for the remarks of an old timey cop to bring back an old timey word. Spotted the other day on my usual dumpster diving route, a remarkably timely sticker pasted onto my favorite bin in which to find tuxedos in need of some creative care: all it says is KNUCKLEHEADS.  I’ve been involved with crowds that end up on the wrong side of media opinion enough times to know that media opinions are worth squat. I wasn’t at the recent festive Lakers celebration that got so many people bent out of shape, that got them all a twitterin’ and a facebookin’ as if they’ve only just discovered Los Angeles has a vast populace that could care less about certain things. In the interest of letting people believe a certain fantasy about this city, I’m gonna leave it at that for now.

But yeah, FYI, the Knuckleheads are out there. Or maybe they’re just ordering stickers online?

3 thoughts on “All Power to the Knuckleheads!

  1. In support of Knuckleheads! Los Angeles needs old timey cops, Hispanics, transplanted “New Easters” whom live west of the Porciúncula, Chicanos, and Knuckleheads to be the city that it is. I love El Lay!

  2. Knuckleheads always seemed like a less-offensive term black people called their own “bad kids” – the Roc TV character always used to complain about Knuckleheads. Its kind of like how I’ll call shady-looking hispanic kids “thugs” when white people will just call them “gangbangers”.

  3. knuckleheads is a bboy crew (knuckleheads cali). they’ve been chillin around the northeast area the past few months at our spot –The Deck, which is on Lewis, off of Meridien. it’s kind of a backyard hangout spot that we created, check out the site for more info, pics. they bagan putting their stickers up at our place, and i know they’ve been all around highland park putting them up as well.

    they are really dope guys who know whats up with the bboy scene. them, LA breakers, killafornia. The Deck was actually hosting some events featuring some of these crews. too much stuff i’m trying to explain in a comment, but big ups to knuckleheads, check out their videos on youtube.

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