Where was that?

(Look what I found today: our very own healing center!)

If you read the comments on my post mentioning the LA Times article regarding the location of the Eastside, or the comments at the LAT article, the public seems squarely to agree it’s East of the river. A few wackos still think it’s somewhere near Hollywood but for the most part, the people are knowledgeable. Maybe it’s cuz all the hipsters and real estate agents were too busy styling their hair to leave comments!

Ahh, that was cold. And mean. I apologize.

Better yet, since they didn’t get a chance to voice their opinions, I’m going to do something really brash and irresponsible: I’m going to let Democracy work its magic!

Using the basic principals of the democratic process I’ve conjured up this poll below where you can all decide for yourselves, without having to leave the comfort of your milk crate, the location of the Eastside. Yes, I’m going to get into BIG trouble for arbitrarily renaming a place but whatever, I just want us all to heal and for Los Angeles to be as united and understanding of each other as we’ve always been. Maybe we can even schedule a hug-fest over on the 6th St bridge?  I’m getting carried away, choked up, and ahead of myself thinking about the rekindling of our friendships. So let’s get started! For the last and final time, winner takes all, decide: Where is the Eastside?

[poll id=”1″]

Oops, looks like the poll plugin messed up the commenting option! Working on it…

Update: Should be fixed, let the healing comments continue!

5 thoughts on “Where was that?

  1. Democracy ??!? PFFFT!!

    And hipsters are as I knew (the dirty kind) don’t style their hair ; they’re kind of like crusty punks but without the ethics.

    And did you know that some schools are banning *hugging*!!! Supposedly it’s getting out of hand. So I guess instead of ‘hugs not drugs’ … we have ‘drugs not hugs!’

  2. “I just want us all to heal and for Los Angeles to be as united and understanding of each other as we’ve always been.”

    My sentiments exactly! Remember 1992! 😉 Hahaha!

  3. Interesting sign on the L.A.E. Healing Center. Although possibly the proprietor intentionally meant for it to read “healig” center in order to dissuade any customers who may not have felt HEALED. Then again its possible the sign paiter was in cahoots with the proprietor to lure in any upstart hipsters who may have felt the need for a good healig. Go figure.

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