True Love

Member way back in February when I was auctioned off for $45 to a mystery buyer at Self Help ? Well after our date we hit it off like no ones business. I would have posted something afterward but she didn’t want our relationship to go public because she gets enough attention as it is. So who’s This Mystery lady ? Follow the jump to find out !!!!  



Forget everything you’ve heard because my mamasita Shakira and I are totally in love and I don’t care what you all think about the age difference. We shared a magical evening and its never stopped since then. We spend hours talking on the phone about stupid little things like how she hates it when tabloid magazines say her butt is fake, its not. Yeah me and kira are planning on spending our lives together either here in Boyle Heights or in Colombia. Who knew that I would find true love at Self Help.

9 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Right on. If I landed a date with Shakira I’d need about a month or so to get into shape so I could handle one dance with her.

  2. you noticed that V ? it’s cause of the angle of the camera and the flash. You know those photogs make you look taller than you really are

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