“You know what they say about them ELAC boys”

To the dismay of all my female friends, I got a tremendous ego boost on Saturday at Self Help Graphics for a cool $45. Yes I was sold and bought by one of the beautiful Esparza daughters, I won’t say which one, but none the less she got herself one hell of a date. Pachuco 3000 did one hell of a job mc’ing this little shindig and had the crowd rolling. Not to mention he also made the bachelors seem like casanovas. While the highest bid went to Abel Salas, $50, I think I did pretty well for myself considering the rain kept some of the ladies at home. Although I did see a few cute one’s there that I wouldn’t mind sharing a limo ride with, if you know what I mean ;-). All in all the auction was a lot of fun both for me, the bachelors and everyone there. I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but once I got up on that stage I felt like a million bucks. I made up a poem on the spot about how my X said i love you and all I felt was hunger haha. AlDesmadre stepped up and sponsored the dinner, which will come with a bottle of whine at LUMINARIAS RESTAURANT.  To all the beautiful muchachas, you seriously missed out on a once in a life time opportunity, but don’t worry I’m still free. Don’t hesitate to email me or contact me. I’m not looking for a Mrs. Random Hero, just someone who can keep up with me ;-) 

10 thoughts on ““You know what they say about them ELAC boys”

  1. Hey, that old lady is me, Cabron! Wait until you are old and people talk smack about who you are checking out–LOL. j/k…..I am hiding behind the purple curtain, behind the bench. Everyone wanted me to bid on Xavi (also an Esparza) who spontaneously auctioned himself off to the crowd –ay! Xavi promised to install my flooring before Christmas—and to date, still no floor. Everyone thought that buying him on Saturday would be the only way to get him to my casa to work! That’s just sad…..is that what I am reduced to?

  2. Orale Cabronsito! Maybe it’s YOU who can’t handle what I got, eh? Orale Pues!
    Remember the dicho-
    “Para Gato Viejo,….Raton Tierno!”

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