My first days living in the barrio

Finally moved into my new place in an area called Boyle Heights. My writer friend that I met at writing/acting camp in Wisconsin hooked me up with her friends to get this small room in the back of these really nice people’s house. I’m like 15 min. from Hollywood, they say. The helicopter is hovering above. I heard a car zoom through the alley behind me and I’ve heard maybe gun shots. I don’t know about this, but it feels real.

Woke up thinking for a quick second I was back home when I heard a rooster. Walked outside and saw my neighbor pushing a shopping cart with a big pot full of these things called tamaless (sp?). They didn’t have those in Taco Bell or Dell Taco back home. She said she sells them every weekday morning on the corner for a $1 each along with this really soupy cream of wheat, with lots of cinnamon, drink called chaumpoorrahdo (sp?). They were both very good, but the chili in the tamaless was too hot for me.
Later my friend April picked me up to go meet some agents and managers who might be interested in representing me. We didn’t get done til the late afternoon. So tired. My eyes hurt, I think its the smog.
She took me to her place in Echo Park. She said that she heard there were a lot of Mexicans living here before but they moved out to nicer places. A lot of cool edgy alt artists moved in because of the cheap rents. We ate vegan sandwiches on her porch. I like Echo Park.
Back at my lil place was quiet tonight.

I went with April to a couple of galleries/stores/offices near my place so I can get the local flavor. The people really know how to get the most use of their spaces! One thing they seem to have an infatuation with is The Virgin Mary, decorative skulls, Frida Kahlo, and bleeding hearts. Nearly everywhere I looked inside galleries/stores/offices and on street corners there is a Virgin Mary! Its creepy. I don’t know how artists make any money reproducing her image over and over when all you need to do it walk over the the nearest liquor store and there she is on the wall. BTW they don’t have PBR at their liquor stores despite them looking so poor. You’d figure they would want some cheap beer. They love Bud Light.

I took a walk around my ‘hood. There are a lot of friendly people. Most said hi or nodded their head at me, but there was a couple of weird stares from types that had like real looking tribal tattoos. And then there was this one guy who looked kind of normal, but when he saw me he stopped and gave out a loud whistle like I’ve never heard before. Then some guy across the street came out of nowhere and the other guy called him Sleepy and pointed at me with his chin. Sleepy looked at me, check me out, then looked back at the whistler and nodded, then dissapeared!!!! That was scary. I better carry mace and practice my kick boxing just in case. I told April and she said “Just scream out MIGRA really loud and people will start running all over the place and you can get away from anyone.”
The best thing I found on my walk was a taco truck!!! I had read about them but I finally found one. BUT this one was a Marisco taco truck, “muy differente” than the regular taco trucks according to the man inside. I didn’t eat anything, still waiting to get all my shots, just in case you know.
(phone rings)
ooops gotta go, gotta get ready to party it up on the Eastside at this spot called … oh god I forgot the name, it doesn’t matter anyway what its called, its going to be fun!!!

12 thoughts on “My first days living in the barrio

  1. Good luck finding Stella Artios in those liqour stores. The best Taco truck is Kogi, they always understand my order!

  2. I am enjoying these posts! Check out puro pedo magazine’s “you know your hood is being gentrified when…having a trader joes instead of a whole foods means your in the ghetto”

  3. I am happy you loved Echo Park! hopfully down the line you can move to our little side of town. I am the new owner of a 1923 Craftman Bungalow and I only paid 850.000! omg I got to restore it but I don’t mind it’s chump change. There is tons of cute homes around here! we should meet for lunch sometime! and don’t worry about the Mexican’s they are nice and sweet but there is none living on Lemoyne anymore, hmmm maybe a gardener or two.

  4. I’m just waiting to move over there once they get a dog park and wineshop. Let’s all pray that the Colorado Wine Co. opens a shop over there. They had a wine pairing with the Kogi truck!

  5. Holy shit that’s funny.

    Erweezy you better not tell him about Ramirez liquor on Soto – he’ll find out they have all his favorite microbrews and you’ll never get rid of him


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