Almost Over


It’s almost Easter (it’s some religious holiday where I think some vato rises from the dead?) and there are two fun things you are likely not to do after this Sunday. So this is a heads up; indulge while you can!

First up: the smushing of the hollow chocolate bunnies. Oh, don’t act like you don’t, everyone does it. Maybe it’s revenge for having the reality of the world come crashing down at a young age, realizing that it’s all about illusions and hollowness. Or maybe I’m just a jerk. But how can one not resist exposing a lie? Click ahead for the truth!


Crush! The whole lot of nothingness is exposed! Why don’t they talk about this on KPFK?


With flash, for the detail shot. Que malos son estos chavalios. There were still some intact when I left, enjoy!


Oh yeah, tortas de camaron season is almost over too, get to it! Above, La Llamarada’s much improved version.


Lencho’s also has a decent contender, even though the place is still touch and go. And they still have the poster on what to do if someone is choking in the dining area, instant classic!


I thought Huarache Azteca could do no wrong, but I have to rescind that opinion. Their tortitas could be skipped: hard as hell, mole is okay but overpowering, nopales are but a suggestion. Can’t win ’em all.

Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Almost Over

  1. I big “ha” on calling out KPFK on not calling out the _nothingness_.

    “Those who speak of revolution without reference to everyday life have a corpse in the mouth!”
    – Raoul Vaneigem

  2. Who hurt you Chavo ? First it was that creepy bunny stalking people and now you go after defenseless chocolate baby bunnies, que lastima. 🙁 I’m thinking that someone did expose the hollowness of easter to you and you’ve been hating the bunnies ever since then. It’s ok Chavo, you can let it go, it’s ok now. The conejos are our friends. Delicious, chocolaty friends that can be eaten piece by piece or huge bites. I myself wait for the sales when all the candy is on the cheap.

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