Tortas de Camaron!

(El Huarachito’s version.)

Do you all know what today is? It’s the beginning of Tortas de Camaron season! If you look around town, most respectable Mexican eateries will have a sign taped on their window announcing this customary dish that’s mostly seen during Cuaresma aka Lent. Whereas most give up eating land animals and turn to the seas during this period, I give up not eating sea animals and partake in these delicious tortitas of egg and ground shrimp, smothered in a spicy chile sauce and covered with nopalitos. (Yeah, my Veggie god will disown me, but fuck him too!) Consider this a suggestion on what you should have for lunch today.

I’ve reviewed a few examples of this dish at some Lincoln Heights restaurants over on my blog so I’m not going to repeat those efforts here, but if anyone finds a place with a good version of this dish, let me know! Click ahead for some more cruddy pictures of tortas de camaron.


Llamarada and their massive pile of nopales.


Hmm, where the hell was this? Oh yeah, the now defunct Gloria’s.


La Morenita on N. Broadway.


Tacos Michoacan and their puck-like tortas.




I was craving this around lunch time so I called five Westsidey Mexican restaurants near my work to ask if they had this dish; a solid round of no’s. What kind of bullshit is that? Pretty lame.

Good ole’ Lincoln Heights, you always come through for me. El Huarachito is now open until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and they serve a good plate.

7 thoughts on “Tortas de Camaron!

  1. One of my favorite dishes during cuaresma, except I like mine with frijoles recien cocidos. Hard to find good quality dry shrimp in this area. Once in a while I see peddlers here in East Los with product from Nayarit and Escuinapa (Sinaloa) with good size dry shrimp.

  2. that looks quite sabroso mmmm.

    And im not even a practicing catholic ANYMORE.

    I do believe in GOD as i tell mi madre..just not the church and especially the catholic one.

    Anyways this pecador likes it spicy..que pique! 🙂

  3. OMG I used to gag when my Grandma made those tortas de camaron. The dried shrimp made a very strong odor during preparation. Loved the nopales though

  4. Has anyone tried out Linda’s Mexican Restaurant‎ on 3667 E Olympic Blvd. They got some good sea food there. They have this turtle soup that they only sell during the summer, supposedly its made out of sea tortoise, the endangered kind. I’m guessing its true cause summers the time they come to the coast line to lay their eggs.
    And you can eat land animals during Cuaresma just not on Fridays.

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