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Get your mind outta the gutter you freaks !!! This is a family site. Ok. So last week I paid a visit to the staff of the Roosevelt High newspaper, The Rough Rider. And lemme tell ya, these kids have moxie. I’ve ran into a few of them here and there, mostly at the classic because as a reporter, we can smell our own kind. The nature of my visit was to talk about how the media portrays undocumented residents and how I, as an undocumented resident, use the media to champion my crusade. That’s what I should have talked about, but when I get the spot light I tend to trail off. In fact, the whole time I was there I spent it talking about my life experiences, how I hustle my writing and other adventures I’ve lived through. 

 img_3449This is the second time Mr. Gertner has invited me to his class and as an alum, I consider it an honor that people wanna her me talk about the crazy things I do. I spent most of the time rambling, but I think that in itself helped the kids in some way. Least I hope so. But yeah, after class I stayed and helped one staff writer work on a story he had about the girls softball team getting training from professional coaches through a program Nike help set up. I checked out how they lay out their paper. They use Indesign just like the ELAC paper so that was cool. Over I think my visit was a success. Gertner told me that City Terrace was just there the day before me, small world. I also offered to help with some up coming projects the students are working on that show great promise and we’re working out the idea of me going there maybe once a week, depending on my schedule to tutor students. Journalism is one of the few things that I can say I’m great at, besides talking bullshit.


During my visit I also took some random snapshots of the school, which looks exactly like it did back when I was there in 2002. Damn I’m getting old. One of the kids at the end of class told me, “thanks mister.” As much as I appreciate the comment, getting called mister hurt my ego. Getting old sucks. 


I had homeroom in there with the band director Mr. Arrellano I wanna say ???


I never really cared for the school mascot. 


This is where the cool kids hung out at lunch and nutrition. Course I wasn’t one of them, so I made the library my home. Damn I was such a nerd back then and dorky looking to boot too. 


At ELAC we have the same recycling program in which local residents go around the school collecting bottles and cans. at school I see little girls do it though 🙁


On my way in I found a library book. It was an old book too.


I have mixed feelings about Jarritos supporting the school.


That pledge doesn’t sit well with me either.


Another thing, kids are trying to grow up WAY TOO FAST. Enjoy it while while can kids because before you know it, kids are gonna be calling you mister.


Murals getting tagged is also a problem here. The majority of the murals I saw at school were done by past students. I like the article the staff wrote about this mural being tagged. They do a great job putting out that paper considering not everyone on staff is committed like others.


I always liked this.


and this…


and this too.

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  1. It’s awesome high school students are learning InDesign – valuable work skills for a resume. I’m just learning those programs four years out of college. My time on The Rough Rider in 2000 was spent measuring photos developed on 35mm film with a ruler.

  2. dam love this peace!! it takes me back when i use to go to Roosevelt it looks exactly the same as my last day i went to school it was sad….

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