Purim in Los Angeles


Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day so I thought I’d share a few pics of that other drunken ethnic holiday: Purim! For those not in the know, which includes me, it’s apparently a Jewish day of celebration and required drunkeness. So where’s my invitation?

At one point, this holiday must have been common in Boyle Heights. Now it’s probably only big on the Westside. Click ahead for a few pics.


Someone I know called it the Jewish equivalent of Halloween. All I know is that I saw kids in costumes, including these as UPS workers.


Baskets of some sort of goodies and costumes. Excuse the bad photos, I was just passing through.


Firework smoke! Breaking the law in the name of celebration is not a crime!


For some reason, lots of popcorn was thrown around. It has to do with being joyous, I assume.


Wow, a Bouncy in the front yard of this neighborhood? That was surprising.


A collection of those water bomb poppers. Livin’ it up!


A boy in a monkey suit, he was spinning a little matraca.

So that’s all I have to contribute. I’d add more details and links but it’d just be me doing a google search. But I betcha all those wack Westside blogs will be all over this next year. I betcha.

12 thoughts on “Purim in Los Angeles

  1. Purim was celebrated downtown at the Los Angeles Theater this year, thanks to Rabbi Moshe and his campaign to bring Jewish life back to the historic core. Great party with lots of wine and sweets–hope you can make it next year, El Chavo!

    My grandparents, The OGs, dressed up and enjoyed the magic show–and perhaps a little too much wine, but who’s counting?–as you will see in this video:

  2. Not only do kids get to wear costumes, they get to make noise during synagogue services. In fact, they are required to do so. So that’s a selling point. I’ll celebrate Purim with you anytime, El Chavo and Chimatli.

    As an aside, my anti-spam word is “destroy.” I’m calling it a good omen for the day.

  3. Oh, and my favorite part of Purim is that the rabbi reads the Book of Esther as-fast-as-he-possibly-can-in-hebrew… because when he’s done we are allowed to open the wine!

  4. ^^
    That sounds like our family’s Passover Seder where we rush through the Haggadah in order to finish off the designated four glasses of wine.

    “Praised art thou, O Lord our God, for creating the fruit of the vine”
    Baruch ata Adonai, eloheynu melech ha’olam, b’ree paree hagaffen. (x4)

    Or something like that.

  5. As a Mexican Jew I celebrate the both Dia de Los Muertos and Purim.

    I was at Rabbi Moshe’s Purim celebration at the Los Angeles Theatre both last year and this year. Fun fun.

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