Friday Fun

Louis CK-On Being White

Okay, so I know this clip has nothing to do with the Eastside…or does it? I’ll leave that decision up to you. But you know what? It’s funny, it’s Friday and I’m all about the goodtimes.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. That’s pretty hilarious. But I think he’s kinda wrong, because part of being white includes never having to think, talk, or joke about it, cuz you know, it’s the default setting.

  2. This is really funny and smart. I was so mad that the whole thing wasn’t there. Isn’t this the same guy who did this, “Everything is awesome, but we’re still whiny brats” about the airplane and the internet going off and people just being so angry about it, like their foot had been cut off or something?


  3. That’s pretty funny! It’s nice to see someone in the “mainstream” talking about white (especially male) privilege.

    I probably talk about race in casual conversation more than I should and have been called out by white people for it since it makes them uncomfortable. Like when some dude at the grocery store cut in front of me and a line of other folks and then bullied the Chicano clerk into ringing him up even though the clerk pointed out to him that there were other people waiting in line. I told my co-workers at the time about it and mentioned that I thought the guy did it because he felt entitled to get what he wanted becuase he was a white man and they all got uncomfortable and told me that was crazy and that his race had nothing to do with it. They were all white (I’m white too.)

    When I’m telling a random story about some character I met on the bus or at a grocery store or wherever, I usually mention race in my description of them. White people tend to bristle when I mention that some random person is white but don’t hesitate to attach a racial descriptor to non-white people when telling their own stories i.e. “this Asian lady came up to me” or “this black guy started talking to me” etc. I guess it’s supposed to be the default, everyone is expected to be white unless otherwise noted and whiteness should never be called out. Since I grew up being called “white girl” in my mixed black/Filipino/Mexican neighborhood, that concept was sorta lost on me.

    Oh man that was a lot of my babbling, slow Saturday night here. Thanks for posting this video!!

  4. Those are some good points, pitbullgirl. I dislike the way everyone else is an ethnicity and not White folks, like being White is neutral or normal.
    I try not to describe people by their ethnicity out of respect but eventually someone will say “Oh you mean that Black guy?” At work I heard someone refer to a customer as “a little Mexican guy” the person that said it was Latina but it still bothered me because it sounds so patronizing.

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