NEXT Saturday. December 13. The lst annual LA Anarchist Bookfair!!

H/T to Neatroma for image.

Don’t miss the First Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair! There will be zines, pamphlets, DVD, CDs, radical bumper stickers, protest shirts, records, tapes, speakers, workshops, panels, open discussions, games, DIY distros, and much more.

Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair
Saturday, December 13, 2008
Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research
6120 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. 90044

Take the Metro, the 204 and 754 will get you there. For more exact info go to the Metro Tripplanner.

Your friend,

Browne Molyneux

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My name is Browne Molyneux. I'm a lady. I'm a radical feminist. I'm black. I'm an Angeleno. I'm an artist. I'm carFREE. I'm a freelance writer. I'm a blogger. I'm a philosopher. I'm a humanist. I'm a journalist. I formerly wrote a column on transportation, Tracks for LA City Beat. The above are all of the things I have to work on being, got questions email me. My topics of interests include but are not limited to politics, transportation, dark green issues, economics, race relations, feminism, culture, working class urban life, media, art, Los Angeles and literature.

12 thoughts on “NEXT Saturday. December 13. The lst annual LA Anarchist Bookfair!!

  1. Anarchy is responsibility for ones self, it is not chaos (disorganization). It is faith in humankind without set rules (which are almost always set up to oppress the people who are not within the 3-5% of the people who control ALL of the wealth) can run more efficiently, because humans left to their own devices aren’t assholes. They don’t want to kill and maim, they are only forced to do these things because of the systems that prevent people from getting food, housing and basic needs, because if everyone had that, they wouldn’t go to work every day and make the already very rich, more rich.

    Rules are set in place so that regular people can’t create or think or relax. Get rid of the ruling class and you get rid of suffering.

    And that has nothing to do with being unorganized. That’s just what rich assholes tell you, because they want you to keep making money for them.

    More info go to your local library, you could google, but of course that’s owned by the ruling class.

    Mikhail Bakunin a dead Russian writer.
    Fred Woodworth (who does the The Match!) an alive American publisher.
    Emma Goldman dead American writer.

  2. only if you subscribe to the ideology of oxymoronism, a belief system which mistakes itself for reality.

    hey speaking of oxymorons, doesn’t it seem like this year there’s waaayyyy more anti-mall things going on than usual? what’s up with that? layoffs & lots of time to make jewelery & try to make some extra bucks, I suppose. I think I’m going to have an anti-anti-mall, that’s how radical I am. we’re going to meet at The Grove and…buy stuff! But no Frida or Che merch for me, it’s D&G all the way baby.

    but seriously, how about instead of all these “alternative” markets where consumerism just gets replicated in a “radical” form, we get together and MAKE gifts, learn/teach each other how to make stuff, make some food together, shit like that? like that totally free market, now that was cool.

    is it obvious how broke I am for gifts this year? Look, I made you this! … shell thing.

    folks gotta eat.

  3. I love the anti-mall events that are still about buying…come on. I’m for going to the mall and stealing this Christmas, no, how about steal and then set on fire in a public display in the parking lot, well now that I’ve written this I can’t do it.

    “how about instead of all these “alternative” markets where consumerism just gets replicated in a “radical” form, we get together and MAKE gifts, learn/teach each other how to make stuff, make some food together, shit like that?” kualyque

    Exfuckingcatly. I’m am so sick of radical commercialism, at least real commercialism was real, I think I prefer real commercialism to radical bullshit poesuer commercialism (yeah you greenie bastards, i’m talking to you.) How about being radical all of the time instead of just when you run out of money.


  4. Oh I know something else Anti Mall events remind me of the Center of Inquiry, they are anti-religion and they are always talking about it and having events on days of worship, but they have this church looking theatre and church looking display and it seems really churchy if you’re anti something why are you spending so much time talking about that thing in that way and doing what you do in the exact same way as the thing you hate…

    I’m like I get it you hate god, but damn you are just as annoying as people who are really into god, in fact you remind me of those people.

    That’s what the vibe the anti-mall puts off…

  5. @Browne re: CFI

    So true. That made me think of Satanism, too. Well, not really Satan, but whatever it was that Ozzy and Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin were about. Madonna too. Maybe even that guy who runs the East LA Church of Satan. I mean, all that sacrilegious stuff. It’s all very concerned with the Church(es) and the Christian God.

    It only seems badass if you’re a Christian or care what the Church thinks.

    You should check out Infidel Guy . The site gets old fast, but I was stoked to see that a loudmouth atheist was also a person of color. Minorities always get stereotyped as spiritual beings from a faraway land – “we come in peace”, or as religious fanatics. I like how Infidel Guy shows that we can be overbearing, religion-obsessed atheists too.

  6. Yes Alienation I know exactly what you are talking about the pedestrian anti game. It’s just so boring and so undiverse. It only points to Christianity as if all of the other religions aren’t just as oppressive, but for the pedestrian anti people it’s not about oppression, it’s just about being annoying and mysterious. And the only people who it freaks out is 70 year old grandmas who go to church, so wow you freaked out your grandmother you are so hardcore.

    In junior high, ok I understand, but then I meet people who are 35 doing this. I’m like do you really expect me not to find you a joke. Am I not supposed to be laughing, Satanist, Wiccans…etc…I completely view them as a religion (so they should be happy with my view on that point) and as religion is stupid, religion even non judeo-christian and religion-like organizations that are religious in their anti religion are just as stupid.

    I know it’s not fair of me to call religion stupid. I know my distaste for religion is bias, but at least I’m consistent. I’m not all newagey and dressing in black and trying to make (or legitimize) my own system of nonsense.

    The whole dogmatic ideology thing regardless of who the head person or persons are the whole group think thing, well I can’t get behind that. And hey at least Christians have that Christmas thing I like gifts, though the Tantrics have the whole sex thing and I like sex too, so you know there are some benefits to organized madness.

    Is there a Tantric, Catholic sect that I can join? Just for the holiday season. I can get gifts, not give any and have an orgy and then say sorry and be forgiven before January 1st.

    I wish I could link BusTard’s public fight with the Church of Satan, but that was pretheworldwideinterweb…lol…I’m referencing For Your Consideration by Christopher Guest with the www comment.

  7. anarchism and liberalism are the opposite, liberals believe in a supreme government controlling all systems, culture and business. The more government there is the better. Anarchists are against all government so in part they should be more of the conservative side.

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