March Against Prop 8 @ Lincoln Park

I thought it was supposed to be a rally, but driving towards Lincoln Park we spot the tail end of a march in progress on Main St and Griffin. Oh, oh, we’re late! Throw a Chicano U Turn, maneuver thru some well known streets, and we end up at the front of the march. Click ahead for more photos!

Robo Cop clears a path.

There were quite a few people on this nice Sunday afternoon!

‘Repeal Hate Bury prop 8’ Keeping with the Halloween theme.

That sign reads “Chickens=1 Gays=0”. You know what? I’m tired of this bullshit, so just shut the fuck up about chickens getting bigger cages. And the “right” to move around in a tiny cage before you get slaughtered for some kids McNuggets isn’t much of a right at all, so just drop it, okay? There is no finite pool of rights, where if one group gets one another cause has to subtract from their potential gain, in some bogus competition where those in power keep the final tally of who wins. Even though I understand the sentiment that leads to these chickens vs gays signs, it’s messed up to belittle the work of those who worked for this tiny measure of change, especially since it was a humane proposition that no doubt many ‘No on 8’ people supported.

Oh yeah, and stop blaming black people as well.

An injury to one is an injury to all! See, now that’s the kind of inclusive sign I can support.

“We didn’t judge you when the church was molesting alter [sic] boys.” Ha ha, nice!

“Prop 8 makes my friends 2nd class Americans.”

“We’ve come so far. So far yet to go.”

“No to ICE Terror!” I guess this guy had a few signs.

Families against prop 8.

Easily my favorite sign.

There’s always one bad egg in the bunch. Some dude waves around an ancient, boring, and badly written book wrapped in camo, as a sort of shield while he yells ‘yes on 8’. That popular paperback needs a WITHDRAWN stamp.

More multi-colored flags.

Note to the organizers: you really should have made it clear this was going to be a march, and maybe even mentioned the departure time in your emails and flyers. Lots of people were running to catch up as we headed back. And maybe a lil’ slower pace?

In any case, it was an exciting 15 minutes while I kept up with the march. Social change, it’s in the streets!

(PS. The march was headed to the Cathedral downtown, so like I told Rosie, they were all headed to church!)

6 thoughts on “March Against Prop 8 @ Lincoln Park

  1. My wife showed up at 1:00 and there were 4 people. An hour later shows up again and everyone was gone. I’ve given her a little grief over it. (I had to work)

    Anyhow, very nice march, glad to see so many in LH walking the walk… and thanks for the photos!

  2. A bible wrapped in camouflage. I will admit, I know nothing of the bible (never read one, most likely never will). But that just strikes me as odd and wrong.
    I too am a bit sick of the chickens vs. Gay thing. ALL beings deserve rights.

    The blaming the blacks thing; I think the no on prop 8 people should have done more work in the black community, I think they mistakenly tock it for granted that all blacks are democrats and guys are for the most part Democrats and if you believe in one Democrat idea you believe in them all. A big mistake. (A few years back the husband and I went to a pro choice march. Before the march started, the march organizers had a rep from the Farm Workers Union try to convince the marchers to come to a Farm Workers demonstration the following week. Many of the marchers mumbled among themselves, wondering how many of the farm workers are pro choice and why they were not at the pro choice march if they wanted us at their demonstration).

  3. I think we were the biggest jackasses of all. We showed up on Saturday (the e-mail I had read had the date for the Saturday Silverlake protest right above the Lincoln Park protest). Woops, wrong day! Unfortunately we couldn’t make it on Sunday. And I agree, the Prop 2 vs. Prop 8 business needs to be dropped.

  4. Thank you for your comments re: the chicken shit. It’s obnoxious and divisive that people keeping repeating this false analogy.

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