Pour a 40

I don’t normally report on other blogs, but I feel that this bit of news is of importance to many of our readers. One of my favorite bloggers out there in Blogtitlán, the Militant Angeleno, seems to have gone the way of the L.A. City Nerd. Yep, the Militant’s blog is now readable by invite only. It’s odd because his last post was on Election Day and didn’t leave a goodbye. I was looking forward to a celebratory post from the Militant on Measure R and Prop. 1A, but his silence was deafening. His YouTube and Facebook pages are still up, though, with a simple “…” status. Maybe the Militant felt the need to go undercover after the election?

Whatever the reason, I’m hoping to see the Militant’s pixels once again. If not, let’s pour a forty for a fallen Militant.

11 thoughts on “Pour a 40

  1. I wrote him asking about if this new “invite only” thing was temporary, and the response of “it may or may not be” wasn’t encouraging. Another one bites the dust? I sure hope not.

    At the very least, don’t block access to old posts like the nerd did, that ain’t cool.

  2. Salty,
    If that were the case, making your blog readable by invite only is not the next logical step. Most people who stop blogging leave it up and dormant for others.

  3. I was disappointed when LA City Nerd did the same thing. Maybe their anonymity is really important for some reason and they’re afraid of leaving their prior words hanging out there in cyberspace for all to read?
    If you read his blog, you know for sure he’s a male. Even without the video of himself riding a bike, I could tell by the way he writes.
    Maybe Salty knows something about the situation we don’t. Everyone with their secrets!

  4. I, too, was surprised Saturday when I made my regular visit to find the door locked. Like El Chavo, I sent him an email and got the same “may or may not” response.

    I’m bummed.

    Maybe the similarities in endgames means LA City Nerd and Militant were the same person? Just thinkin’ out loud…

  5. I don’t know anything, I merely supposed that perhaps the job got a little tough or that other life issues became predominate. I am willing to be wrong and probably am, but whatever the case it’s their choice.

    Maybe others can step up to fill the void.

  6. Will,
    I also thought that MA might be the same as the L.A. City Nerd, but with this series of tubes being accessible to anyone with a connection, I thought it would be too much of a stretch.

  7. Thanks for mentioning this awful turn of events in LA blogdom. I too am guessing it was done for similar circumstances as the LA City Nerd. Perhaps he knew too much…

    It sucks either way.

  8. It’s been over a year, and the desire to post is strong. There has been so much to share; but you know how it is. Militant: hang in there!

    Thanks for still remembering the LA City Nerd.


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