Block Long Line for Obama Paper

There’s no question this presidential election was historic, and it looks like many people want a memento to mark the date. The picture above shows the end of the line this morning for those wanting a reprint of the Wednesday LA Times paper, click ahead to see the rest.

The line went all down Spring street and wrapped around to 1st.

Still a ways to go.

Waiting patiently.

La linea.

Now that’s alot of mementos! Looks like 4 bundles of papers.

This guy only has 2 bundles of papers, I guess he just cares half as much!

Made it to the front of the line!

“Hmm, that line doesn’t look so bad. At least not from this angle.”

“I’ll just buy some frames and my X-mas shopping is done!”

2 thoughts on “Block Long Line for Obama Paper

  1. Dang that’s crazy! I stopped by my local 711 on my way to work that morning and I got the last LA Times paper but wow that’s a super long line.

  2. i was there friday night, i waited 45 min. so i bought a bundle. I figured everyone in my family was gonna ask for a copy so i got a copy for everyone. I also bought 2 plates, they are going for $300 on ebay, im considering it.

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