some whine… Have you noticed and scratched your head…

That there are a lot of peeps running around with scarves, thick hats, Uggs boots and other “winter” wear???


Just because it is October and ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Ugly Betty’ (East coast shows) are experiencing cooler weather don’t mean we need to dress the part here on the West coast!!!

It is 90 something degrees and these peeps make me feel hotter just by looking at them in their winter wear.

Which reminds me how I want to kick people who put fake snow around Christmas time when its 90 degrees!!!

Mother Nature doesn’t follow our calendars, we should follow her cues.

So Cal. embrace our weather, which yes doesn’t change much. Don’t like it? Please leave and go freeze.

Us children of the Sun and lizard people like it just fine.

4 thoughts on “some whine… Have you noticed and scratched your head…

  1. THANK YOU! for addressing something I’ve been pointing out for a long time. I think it’s people who choose fashion over sense. The first time I tripped out on this trend was in 1991. I was at a Nirvana concert at the then Hollywood Palace. It was a Hot Cali night and it was real hot inside the club. I notice that Kurt Cobain is wearing 3 shirts and his pajamas under his jeans. I thought to myself: “OK, we know you come from way up in Washington state where it’s cold, but come on, this is L.A……!

  2. sometimes i go for a walk at night and i wear my scarf. I live closer to the beach and it gets cold. I havent seen anyone wearing scarves during the day.

  3. Face it. We live on Mars. It’ll be 100 degrees in the day and 40 degrees at night this time of year. People always ask me why I’m in a sweater when it’s this hot out. I have to sit in an office where my boss’ keep the air cranked up to a frosty 55. I also wear leg warmers and occasionally a blanket. Not a fashion choice, but I’ll catch pneumonia if I sit around all day in arctic conditions. I grew up in the snow belt and have posssibly been woosified by the years spent here. I think it’s funnier to see people in shorts and tank tops visiting from the east coast when I’m in a down coat.

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