9 thoughts on “Exposed Cargo

  1. Don’t make fun of them, even poc need annoying people 🙂

    Middle class ethnic enclaves are the birth places of many of the one “purple” person on staff.


    “I’m not really purple, I’m not ghetto or anything, for god sakes I live in Santa Monica.” The one person of color on staff’s motto.

  2. In my personal experience, I have always found cop cars to be a big nuisance. I seem to always break out in handcuffs upon contact. That sucks!

  3. Monterey Parque is a case study in tacky classiness. The city has ordinances about loaded vehicles (denying its working class community which takes up a good chunk of the flatlands and the hills just above ELAC) to make t feel better, yet do hillbilly shortsighted crap like tear down its fine collection of craftsman houses to appease shitey looking strip malls. Denying the existence of half your city while allowing for the rape of the remaining classic housing stock is low brow classiness big time.

  4. Luckily for my mom (who pointed out these signs to me), she doesn’t live in Monterey Park but one mile away in unincorporated South San Gabriel. However the creep of prohibitive signage has finally reached into her neighborhood along with the enforcement of long forgotten codes. Most recently, she was forced to get rid of her old RV parked in the driveway or else pay a $2500 fine.
    If anyone ever wants a tour of South San Gabriel, I’d be happy to take you around. First stop is the humongous McMansion whose grand entrance is flanked by two large stone lions and right next to it, a 1930s era falling down crack shack. Disparities are always good for a laugh, right?

  5. Chimatli, wow, that’s crazy, how can they make her get rid of her old RV in her own driveway?! Can they really do that? that’s like eminent domain applied to vehicles. very messed up.

  6. dang. i have exposed cargo all the time, because i toss recyclables and e-waste into the bed of my truck.

    mpk is annoying. people hassle you for changing your own oil in your driveway. also, on halloween, i bought a few pounds of candy, and no kids came around. on 4th of july, there were no fireworkds. what kind of bs city is that?

    i used to not like ssg, but, after a while in mpk, i came to appreciate the more hands-off style, their low-key trick or treating, and moderate use of illegal fireworks. it’s simultaneously tacky and snotty.

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