Following up on neglected memorial site

I visited council member Jose Huizars Boyle Heights office to talk about the memorial site and other issues around the neighborhood. Celina Mancia, a field deputy for the council member informed me that the site has been brought to their attention and they are taking the needed steps to clean up the site. She didn’t go into details when I asked her what those steps are. It’s the nature of the beast that they have to go through procedures and steps to make something happen and it’s understandable that the process will take sometime. However, the process can be sped up the more people call in or visit the office to ask about the site and what’s being done about it. If you read the post and want to do something like I do, call the Boyle Heights office or pay them a visit and inquire about the site.

I’m sure they’ll tell you the same thing they told me, but by just calling you’ll be letting them know that more and more people are actually upset about the sites condition thereby speeding up the process and making it one of their priorities. I also talked to Mancia about a cross walk on Fremont and Cesar Chavez near the Evergreen cemetery. I use this cross walk when walking my dogs. I have to use extreme caution at this cross walk because all the cars passing by don’t slow down or even stop when I’m trying to get across. This is the same problem that was plaguing another cross walk on Fickett and Cesar Chavez. It took a petition and numerous people getting hit by cars to get a signal light put at that intersection. I myself saw a 10 year old boy get hit by a car right in front on me while trying to cross on his bike. When I brought up the cross walk issue up to her, she said that she will make public works aware of the issue, conduct test and figure out how to go about fixing the problem. A signal light or a smart cross walk were some ideas we talked about. Also I told them about some street signs with graffiti on them. 

I blurred the tagging to deny them any glory or attention. How did they get up there in the first place ?

    They assured me that the proper agency again will be notified and the problem will be addressed, in due time of course. That’s why I’m going to be calling and/or visiting them at least once a week. I have a neighbor who gave me some advice as to how to go about getting things done. He would know because he’s been doing it for quite some time now. I’ll keep posting updates as progress is made, but for now please feel free to contact them and inquire about the site, graffiti or any other issues affecting your neighborhood. 

Location & Contact Numbers

City Hall

200 N. Spring Street, Room 465
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 473-7014

Fax: (213) 847-0680

Boyle Heights

Meet with the Councilmember one-on-one, by appointment. Office Hours: First Thursday of Every Month 2pm-5pm

2130 E. First Street, Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 526-3059
Fax: (323) 526-3066

Northeast/Eagle Rock

Meet with the Councilmember one-on-one, by appointment. Office Hours: Second Thursday of Every Month 2pm-5pm

2035 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: (323) 254-5295
Fax: (213) 485-8788

El Sereno

Meet with the Councilmember one-on-one, by appointment. Office Hours: Third Thursday of Every Month 2pm-5pm

4927 East Huntington Drive North, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Phone: (323) 226-1646

Fax: (323) 226-1644  

3 thoughts on “Following up on neglected memorial site

  1. Thanks for the update, and thanks for all your personal effort in pursuing some credible answers and results. The bureaucratic wheels may begin turning at their typical pace now, but I’m hoping (Pollyannically) that identifying yourself as a writer with this site might give your inquiries a little more clout. The scare of bad P.R. and the public getting on their case usually gets the ball rolling a little quicker than usual. This issue has potential for lots of City embarrassment. I’ll be watching for further developments.

  2. More than anything, I’m just fed up that my neighborhood looks like crap and nothing is being done about it. I know changing street signs or removing tagging is not a top priority, but one non the less. The memorial site is just a plain embarrassment. I already mentioned it to friends who would volunteer their time to clean it up. The city can provide the funding and we can do the work ourselves. I encourage others to do the same and speak up.

  3. FYI:

    “Mr. Paul Spitzzeri will be presenting a lecture on the Workman and Temple founding families
    of Los Angeles. We’re extending an invitation to all LUF members. If LUF members can RSVP
    by Tuesday, July 8, it will be greatly appreciated.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me!

    Hope to see you this Wednesday!

    Take Care!

    Beatriz Ochoa
    Boyle Heights Historical Society

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