Are dorks are the new ‘cool kids?’

It would seem so. Everyone wants to be a dork, or a nerd, and they claim it loudly and proudly.

I blame it on “Napoleon Dynamite” for starting this trend. Because it is a trend that people without a real sense of self usually fall in and out of all the time. The subsequent Judd Apatow films with lead characters as dorks and “Juno” I hope kill off this trend. Yet I still like dorks more than their countreparts ‘label whores.’ You know the ones that think life is really about who and what you wear to where.

Why do I care? I don’t know. I’m just tired of people claiming “I’m a dork, I know” or, “I’m such a nerd!” As if that excuses your ill social skills. Real dorks and nerds don’t say that, they just live it. It wouldn’t be ‘ironic’ when a real dork/nerd says it, anyways.

I do think that if you blog you are a nerd or dork, or a dweeb, with a big sense of self importance, but that’s just me.

Maybe that is why we don’t have too many dorks or nerds on the Eastside!

Maybe I’m just feeling the collective hangover from yesterday’s 4/20 celebrations?

2 thoughts on “Dorks

  1. Your post reminded me of that old Saturday Night Live skit: geek, dweeb or spaz?
    Here are my definitions of nerd, geek and dork:
    IMHO, nerds are narrow minded, social outcasts that are overly confident and can be mean and elitist.
    Geeks are spastic, a little clueless and can be really good looking.
    Dorks use acronyms like “IMHO” when writing on blogs and can sadly be found on the Eastside.

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