A ver licenciado, que le doy?*

Nuevo Plato Vegetariano

I’m lucky that my favorite Mexican restaurant happens to be right here in Lincoln Heights, the phenomenal El Huarachito. I’ve been going to the restaurant since it was a tiny shoe box and diners would have to cram themselves Tetris-style into the 3 small tables that served as a dining room. In the past few years, the restaurant has expanded taking over the shoe repair business next door (who repairs shoes nowadays?) and even with the added room, the place still gets packed!

Vegetarians, rejoice!

The owner and cook, a proud Jalisciense, puts much time, consideration and care into her dishes. She frequently asks her diners what they think of the food and is quick to recommend menu items and unadvertised specials of the day. Thanks to her ever growing vegetarian clientèle, she has challenged herself to create new entrees to please our non-carnivorous palates. Today I had the good fortune to try her very new vegetarian dish (doesn’t have a name yet) “Nuevo Plato Vegetariano.”

It’s a delicious mixture of verduras: carrots, bell peppers, potatoes and nopalitos cooked in a creamy chile infused sauce and served with tasty rice and beans. Warning though, the food is quite rich and the portions large, so I recommend you share the plate with another person lest you wind up so full you can’t walk out the door. Make sure to also try their awesome agua de pepino, it’s the only place in the area that serves it. Yum!
Other vegetarian favorites:
Enchiladas de Mole (queso)
Quesadillas Mexicanas (authentically made from fresh masa and deep fried)
Huevos con Nopales
Plato Vegetariano (calabacitas served sometimes with potatoes)

For a pleasurable, authentic Mexican meal, El Huarachito is the place to go.

Buen provecho!

El Huaracito 3010 1/2 N. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90031 323.223.5317

*The owner often respectfully refers her customers as “licenciado.”

6 thoughts on “A ver licenciado, que le doy?*

  1. I love her veggie burrito (without cheese)… it’s the shredded cactus that makes it stellar. Also worth noting, the large scale folk art paintings with the delightfully wonky perspective.

  2. Do I ask for the Chimatli special if I want *that* plate? I love the nopalitos they put in their food.

    I need to head back soon to *El Huara* (as I like to call it).

  3. Yes, the enchiladas are very good, especially ‘en mole’. The cuisine is very regionally influenced (Jalisco) and not the kinda place you would go for Mex-Amer food like chiles rellenos etc.
    If you’re a carnivore I would try El Plato del Rey and the other specials they have on the table advertisement…or just tell the owner what you like and she’ll cook you up somethin’!

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