BREAKING: Rogelio Bueno Switches to Plastic

In a move sure to to upset Señoras and Cheapskates everywhere, Mexicorp, the company that distributes Rogelio Bueno mole in those useful and reusable cute little glasses has decided to give the finger to the Earth and will now pack their product in ugly ass plastic containers.

The End of an Era. The end of free vasitos.

News of this betrayal to loyal customers has been slow to get out, and I haven’t seen it mentioned on the English language news stations (racists!) nor the Spanish language ones (culeros!) either. I only just found out about this while in the Mole aisle of my local Big Saver. Nobody I asked seemed to understand the gravity of the situation.

Just look at this! I can’t serve tequila from a plastic jar.

They are promoting this travesty as some sort of “easy-open” alternative, not unlike what you see on bleach bottles nowadays. Its not like the original was hard to open, you just had to use a bottle opener.

Oooh! Difficult!

Work the bottle opener around a bit and sas, open! Whatever Rogelio. Whatever.

Let’s see how easy the new method turns out. Sure the plastic lid comes off easy, but WTF? The stupid cardboard peeled off! And there is no way to easily peel off this foil.

I had to poke a hole in it with my finger which got all greasy. (Hmm, that don’t sound right.) How am i supposed to finish this letter I’m writing with a greasy finger smearing up the paper? Am I going to have to unexpectedly wash my hands now, just because I decided to cook up some mole? That ain’t the American way.

Yup, just as I suspected: squishy plastic. Looks like somebody has been talking to the Petroleum Council guy. Some of you might be thinking that you can just use the plastic container instead, but no, now it has an annoying rim that makes it useless as a drinking container, which is the preferred application for its reuse value. Nevermind all the toxicity that would leech into your drink. Plus the lightness of the material means its not going to work to hold up a few flowers either. FALLO!

Ah good old hefty and non-squishy glass, you will be missed. Hopefully the local Señoras organize a protest, boycott, or petition drive to turn this company away from these earth polluting ways. It a bit late right now for me to go out and gauge the community anger but I’m going to see what happens when people start finding out early in the morning. I will keep you all posted of any Direct Action events which you might want to get involved.

Washed Mole Jars: Vessel Of A Million Uses. Until you break it that is.

Here is one use, a perfectly portioned glass of sody pop.

For the moment Doña Maria is keeping the glass jar tradition alive, but no doubt she is being pressured by the bully Rogelio. I’m throwing my support squarely in her camp.

She better not rank out.

Oh yeah, lest I forget, this goes out to you Mexicorp…

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rogelio Bueno Switches to Plastic

  1. Aww shit, I should have titled this BREAKING: Rogelio Bueno Jars No Longer Breaking. Or something to that effect. What a loser.

  2. I am very sorry to here this.I have used these as wine glasses for 30 years.They were also used as training glasses for my kids.If they dropped them no problem.Mole will never be the same.

  3. environmental my ass i think this is a conspiracy- an excuse so that the drug cartels can use these plastic mole containers to smuggle drugs.
    Yeah i said it- cause think about it- glass breaks and no one wants their “powdered sugar” spilling all over the place=lost profits
    for the record- mi madre likes and uses Doña Maria and Chabelo was almost my padrino.

    On related news- Could Styrofoam cause Cancer? (for real google it)

  4. wow this is a tragedy!! dam how messed up is this! even tho the post is funny!!! I am still hurt by the new plastic cups they are not good at all! I should write a letter to the company foreals I also hope Dona Maria does not fall for the gimmik that would be the end of the world!! Man everything you mentioned was on point. For years and years my mom saved and washed those cups out for drinks or just about anything. How can they think that a cheap, toxic jar will be better? =*(

  5. ahhhh. I was having a crappy night and then I read this! Lol. Nevertheless, this plastic situation is a travesty.

  6. that soda looks good in the re-purposed glass! That sucks they think they are doing a good thing by going with cheap plastic.. it’s cheaper for them.. but I love when you can have something that is too good to throw away when it’s empty.

  7. I have been a consumer for this product for 7 years a to be honest always had a big problem to open it, recently I got the product in the new plastic container and I love it. I think it is much better for all the consumers and instead of the glass jar I got a NICE TOPWARE CONTAINER……

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