Bad Piñata Merchandising

Note to future Piñata sellers: don’t use the oldest, ugliest, bleached out, most beat up piñata you have in your possession to advertise that you sell said party favor. It kinda makes it seem like you sell crappy birthday bashers.

Yes, very crappy piñatas.

A few months later…

I told you so! Let this be a warning.

4 thoughts on “Bad Piñata Merchandising

  1. oops!
    i find it funny that people choose piñatas in the form of some character they love and then bash the &@*%! out of them.

  2. Ironic? Not so much, when your three year wants an Elmo pinata. If you haven’t done it yet, bashing Elmo should be on your bucket list.

  3. @beancounter – i’d thoroughly enjoy bashing an elmo – no 3 year old required. i was thinking about it from the child’s point of view.

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