Dancing Bicycle Rider of Boyle Heights Video

Last time I blogged about the Dancing Bicycle Rider of Boyle Heights, I was only able to snap some crappy photos, well now I have crappy video. I was riding with my friend to the Red Bull Soap Box Race, when I heard his yells off in the distance. I was across the street on First and Mission and was able to catch his acrobatics from across the way.

I was then able to catch up with him after meeting up with my friend on the corner of First and Alameda as he was waiting for a signal change. You can see him being unsafe by riding on the cross-walk, doing spins and almost running into people crossing the street. I almost hit him as well. He called me a “pendeja” for being on my phone. I still don’t really know who the man is or why he does what he does. But it’s still cool to watch as he does it. Kinda like performance art.

7 thoughts on “Dancing Bicycle Rider of Boyle Heights Video

  1. Agahahahaa! I saw him riding down Spring Street in DTLA. Now I wish I took the time to video him too. I wonder where he was going to and how he manages to keep from crashing.

  2. Hahaha!!! He is a regular in the Eastside. The last time I saw him we were crossing the the street and he yelled at me with his hand in the air doing the “Chaka” sign, yelling, “VIVA LOS CHICHIMECAS!!!!!!”, and then he goes doing an airplane with his left hand. hahaha

  3. Please don’t start his fan club. He might seem okay as he bikes/acrobats down the street but when he is at a red light where there are women in a car he makes hand signals like he’s jacking off, put his hands up to his chest as if he is squeezing breasts and sticks his tongue out and wiggles it. This has been on three separate occasions.

    Now he may seem okay to males but don’t forget your fellow eastside females.

    Sincerely your fellow reader and eastside native (el sereno),

  4. Dear Diane,
    None of the comments provided by the comentators condone any representible behavior done by this bicycle guy to females. You made your case. However, your sexes assumption is noticed and not apreciated.

  5. I did not mean for it to sound sexist. I only meant that the bike guy probably does not do this when there are other guys at the intersection and therefore no one would have noticed it.

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