Rebel Rousers

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Last weekend, I headed over to Self Help Graphics to check out the SkaWars show put on by Evoecore. I didn’t intend to take photos but I was so impressed by the old school classic punk styles and good energy of the attendees at this all ages show (all ages equals high school) that I whipped out my camera phone and did my best with the low lighting and difficult camera taking circumstances. So yes, the photos are fuzzy, out of focus and full of red eyes but who else took photos and posted them on their blog for you to see? No one, so there ya go! Um, also I want to apologize if your photo is here and you have the wrong name and/or city attached to your photo. As the night wore on, some of the liquids I’d been drinking kicked in and I lost track of who was who. Please correct me and I’ll fix the names and cities.

Thanks to all of you for the good times, conversation and for your awesome style choices!

Oh and big thumbs down to the LA County Sheriff’s Department who not only shutdown the show early but used rubber bullets to disperse these young folks (legally children, some of them) from the area. Oh what? You didn’t know they did this? That’s because it happened in East Los Angeles and I guess it’s okay to randomly use rubber bullets on kids this side of town.

Thanks to Ana for your help!

6 thoughts on “Rebel Rousers

  1. Yepa Yepa! Whip it! Nothing like shouts and flipping the bird in the crowd! F the law and their bullets!

  2. Rubber bullets? Oh come on! Did Gates take over LAPD again? Wait, he’s dead! So stop with the racist tactics already!

  3. I’m afraid.
    I’m afraid that the youth today have been totally robbed of their creativity by media molestation and thus just recycle music, styles, and art that is based on a recent previous youth culture. Where is the new art, fashion, music and styles? It all seems like we are re-living the 80s and 90s.

    Racism won’t die because Gates is dead. Gates was just a big cog in the machine of law enforcement whose job is to demoralize and terrorize specific segments of the population while protecting the rich and their properties.
    I’m afraid.

  4. Yup ska shows are the best ey. Why did they stop the show early? I mean the shows end early as it is they end around 11 or twelve why did they stop it even earlier? Oh and whos going to this week ska show? That shit gana be firme as fuck ey ja =D..

  5. They wouldn’t be true Rebel Rousers unless the attend a concert where the cops bust up the concert and shoot at the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas.

  6. let me play devils advocate and suggest that maybe someone i.e. neighbors called the cops on the event. In my experience with the cops and parties, cops usually could care less about an party, gig, event until someone calls the cops to complain. Doesn’t excuse excessive force. But maybe self help graphics has to do a better job reaching out to its immediate neighbors when its going to have an event, so that cops are not called to begin with.

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