What’s on Your San Marcos?

For those of you who do not know someone on the eastside, more than likely you have never seen a plush, faux-mink blanket from Korea called a San Marcos. These blankets come in the most garish colors and eye-hurting mural prints such as wolves, elephants, Statue of Liberty, cheetahs, Raiders logo, Elvis, Scarface, pandas, zebras stripes, American Flag, Tupac, y La Virgen to name some.  One blanket can take up a whole closet when stored—but they are the warmest, snuggliest and cozy luxury on cold winter nights.

When visiting gente (not my stuffy artsy friends), I have even seen the blanket used as artwork on the wall.  Clever way to store until winter. Me?  I try to hide the tiger with it’s reversible side of giant pink roses by covering it with my Bed, Bath & Beyond subtle gray bedding.  I tuck the San Marcos under the mattress too, so that not even a peek of emerald green plushy border shows–and also to keep my cat from trying to bury himself in its velvety texture.  My mattress pops up an inch from the mink-like stuffing.

Today, I had to coordinate when I could sneak out of work to wash my “Atigrada” [tiger themed] blanket. It is so deluxe that each year I have to make a special trek to the laundromat and use one of those industrial washers to clean it.  Right now, I have a terrible flu and with all my strength I maneuvered it out of the car and into the washer, then the dryer–I feel accomplished.

High maintenance?  Yes, but tonight I sleep with the angels on a sweet puff of cloud.

14 thoughts on “What’s on Your San Marcos?

  1. I got 4 of them suckers and it is a big mission getting them to the deluxe washers but eh, at least I feel no coldness at night.
    I got a dolphin, tiger, panda, and one with sharks 🙂 What can I say? I live dangerously warm.

  2. I had a baby sized San Marcos one of my neighbors gave me, brown with a cute little bear on it. Eventually I gave it away too. I’ve thought about getting another one but I have not found the perfect one…yet!

  3. My first year of college, living in the cold weather of northern California – I had my mom send me my San Marcos. At first I was a little hesitant about the pavo real peaking through my down comforter but soon enough I had all my huera roomates inquiring about where I got this colorful plush blanket.

    Now I have a zebra one!

  4. I feel bad that I missed out on that tour with Adrian, but my san marcos with cars and the other with deers will comfort me

  5. In my house 4 SJ Sharks 2 Raiders and 1 dream catcher with a wolf’s head inside. I couldn’t survive the winter without mine. Too bad the Sharks aren’t giving me the same warm, fuzzy feeling my San Marcos is.

  6. I just looked it up on google, and this whole other thread comes up (and Chimatli’s on the comments). It looks like the original San Marcos company shut down.

    There’s a couple dozen people searching for the authentic Mexican blanket in America. Maybe someone will start making them again for the American market? They sell clones on ebay for $80.

    Anyway, I don’t have one but used to swipe my mom’s Korean one for sofa sitting, and it has a flower on it.

  7. Thanks for the article! I didn’t know these blankets had a name!
    My brother still has his original one from his college days, maroon colored, with a peacock. It was also an object of interest to those who had never seen one.

    A few years ago somebody came around selling what I think were knock offs: elephants and other safari themes, more colorful and more sizes.
    Eventually I had to get rid of mine, I got in trouble for breaking the washer at home.

  8. two tigers! People make fun of it but in a home w/ no heating it’s a must. I also take mine camping! The worst one I’ve seen is the “Tony Montana w/ his little friend” design.

  9. omg… They are so ugly… There are tons of bootleg ones that are cheaply made and not as plushy :/ I don’t know if we have originals though (?) We have a green one with a Lion and a light blue one with a precious moments character lol My bf has a red and beige one with a tiger.

  10. Mine has two puppies on it, now I’m wondering if its authentic San Marcos or a knock off… its pretty warm & heavy though so perhaps it is legit.

  11. Funny, Adam just asked me how to order a blanket. Uh, I’m not in the cobija biz. Actually, as an update, I just (2014) got rid of mine. Took it to Out of the Closet for someone else to enjoy. It was too big for my closet, my house, my bed, and my life style. I am snuggling in a sleeping bag these days. Oh and a few weeks ago I made a no-sew plushy fleece throw. I’m set!

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