I’ve been wrapped up in my Korean, San Marcos blanket (cobija Koreana), with my heater on, cuz dang it’s cold. I’m a desert, lizard, LA native, cold and I aren’t best of friends.

But I am lucky and blessed, thank you. I really feel for the east coast, and other parts of the world that are (or have been) under snow or water, running from water, or mud.

This year was also very hot. Moscow reached 100 degrees, over several days, for the first time!

Remember, we just had a heat wave in mid December and now we are in a cold wave? Kind of extreme.

Counting my blessings and giving thanks in my Korean blanket.
I don’t want to end on a debbie downer, so I leave you with Carlin on Saving the Planet. It makes me feel better : )
See you next year.

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