CicLAvia moment: Celeste, the Little Rocker

Celeste from Boyle Heights enjoying the music during CicLAvia click here for HD version

By now, there are tons of gushing stories on Los Angeles blogs with participants sharing their photos and experiences at CicLAvia. I also had a great time despite being swiped by one or two cyclists as I attempted a leisurely walk through the route. I would love to see the closing off the streets, not just for a freeway of bikes but for spontaneous street action. Despite what the promotional video touted, there was no way you could have an impromptu soccer match during CicLAvia. Perhaps in the future, we can have an event where our streets are open to the randomness of city life. Despite the domination of cycles, this event was filled with all kinds of awesome moments and I was lucky to catch one of these on video.

Right around Gless and Fourth St in Boyle Heights, I stopped to listen the death metal band Take Flight (El Chavo mentioned them the previous post.) The shady curb was a good spot to take in the music and the passing crowds. Across the street, I noticed a woman and a young girl were waiting for the music to start. When the din of guitars and drums began to roar, the little girl jumped out of the shade, onto the pavement and started rockin’ out!

After I finished recording, I spoke with the little girl’s grandmother Maria. She said in Spanish that her precocious little granddaughter Celeste, just loved to dance and sing. When Celeste saw a band was about to play, she begged her grandmother to let her stay and watch. “She’s always singing” she said “But I can’t understand what she sings about…” She added her mother thinks Little Celeste should probably get involved in some kind of performing arts career. I would agree. As Celeste headed back home on her bike, she kept jumping off to dance some more when a bit of the music moved her. Here’s to all the little Eastside rockers of Boyle Heights!

6 thoughts on “CicLAvia moment: Celeste, the Little Rocker

  1. Fabulous post. Love how little Celeste perfectly executed the air guitar to piroutte move! Going to have watch out for her in the pit someday. She seems beautiful fearless. Too bad we missed seeing her in person at ciclavia.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I thought this little girl was so awesome and so full of raw energy and talent. I hope her family finds an outlet and learning environment for all that creativity and spunk!

  3. My baby girl, she has soo much talent, i know she will amount to greater things some day. Im so proud of her..MOMMY & DADDY LOVE YOU CELESTE!! <3

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