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Ah, so I missed commemorating Los Angeles’ birthday this past Saturday, September 4th. Ooops! Well, happy belated birthday great City of Los Angeles! I am your daughter by four generations, my body is filled with traces of your asphalt, the smog of your skies and the dust of your palm fronds. I am truly of this city.

Anyways, I’m here to remind you of another celebration, and this one I only remembered because a co-worker asked me “Chimatli, vas a ir a el desfile en East LA este domingo?” “Huh, cual desfile?” I told you in my last Botanitas post that I’ve been hopelessly removed from the social scene. “El desfile de 16 de Septiembre” she shakes her head and smiles slightly, the same disappointing gesture she makes when my tongue turns Spanish all mushy. Well, in case you don’t know either, this year Mexico turns 200 years old. There are grand celebrations being planned all over the Mexico but you don’t need to travel very far to take part in the commemorations because the Eastside is having it’s very own Mexican Independence Day Parade!

Don’t miss the Bicentennial Mexican Independence Day Parade and Festival showcasing celebrity grand marshal operatic tenor Plácido Domingo on Sunday, September 12 in East LA. Watch top Latin stars’ performances, play games, ride attractions and enjoy delicious food. The parade begins 11am at Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Indiana Street and travels to Mednik Avenue, ending adjacent to at Belvedere Park with a festival.

-from the Metro LA site

Placido Domingo is the grand marshall which is pretty impressive for East LA. Though nothing can compare to the spectacle I witnessed when Juan Gabriel was in the parade. Hordes of fans mobbing his float, filling the sidewalks and streets so that even us spectators were crushed in the crowds. That was pure insanity and madness the likes of which I will probably never see again.

Read more about Mexico’s bicentennial celebrations here.

11 thoughts on “The Virgo Celebrations

  1. “the dust of your palm fronds”, I dig it Chimatli! but how they sparkle after a rain, on a windy day, que no?
    Happy Birthday LA! Happy Birthday Mexico!
    And Happy Birthday to me! Today 9-11, 65 years ago I was born, at the Queen of Angels Hospital. How can you get any more LA than that?
    My Grandmother used to tell me that when I was born she looked out the window of the hospital and saw the old beautiful Richfield Bldg. with it’s eifel tower looking shape and all the multi colored lights flashing, she always called it my birthday candle.

  2. DQ- Happy Birthday!! and many more to come….it’s because of those birthdays that you have had so much interesting and insightful knowledge to share with us. Thanks!!

  3. Man, you all are a dour bunch!
    I disagree, there is plenty to celebrate. The collective power of humans to endure, struggle and continue on in the face of adversity. That’s something to celebrate. The fact that despite the efforts to commodify our basic needs, make us submit to the will of capital by reducing our role in the world to mere consumers, create a society of alienated robots, eliminate our cultural traditions, give us longer chains and bigger cages and tell us that’s freedom – depsite all that – we still rebel, we still experience pure joy in our lives, we have love in our hearts and fire in our bellies. Being alive is worth celebrating. Living in Los Angeles can be tough but I’ve experienced beautiful things in this city and in Mexico and I celebrate these things!

    Happy Birthday DQ! As I told my other friend whose birthday is today: treat yourself to a feast of tacos and beer!

  4. Thanks Vince, and yea, everyday I’m still finding life full of experiences for stories to tell, it’s never been boring for me, that’s for sure.
    And thank you Chimatli, yea I’m gonna celebrate with a Mexican seven course meal, a six pack and a taco.
    And your right about people finding shit to be depressed about all the time, sheeeit life will kick your ass on the natch, why waste time looking for the negatives, accentuate the positive and have a ball, let the good times roll!

  5. Happy Birthday DQ!

    And, happy 200th Mexico. Pay no attention to the haters. You should have seen the United States on its 200th birthday. We still had innocent people in shackles.

  6. Everyone should come see the comedy “El Superstar,” starring Danny Trejo. You can see it at Laemmle’s Monica 4-Plex (9/17/10 through 9/23/10): Daily @ 1:00, 3:20, 5:30, 7:40 & 10:15 Danny Trejo will be there!!!!

  7. One aspect i have always hated about Mexico-United States comparison was that the United States has always been held to a higher standard. Things that would cause an uproar in the United States get by in Mexico, because thats the “culture down there.” Which is total bullshit, Mexico should be held to the same standard and criticism the the US faces.

    But I agree with Chimatli,despite problems and struggles in Mexico. The country and its people should celebrate that 200 years ago a people rose up to fight the tyranny of the Spanish Monarchy. But democracy is never perfect. 100 years later Mexicans would yet again rise to overthrow the abuse and corruption of a dictator. Now when they gather on the bicentennial to remember that twice they fought to overthrow an oppressive power. Maybe this can light a fire under the country. To fight the troubles that weight down on the country.

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