4 thoughts on “Afrolatinos Documentary

  1. Thanks RP – I can’t figure out if it has already aired somewhere or been released on video/dvd yet. Looks good, another one for the list of things I want to see!

  2. In my father’s family no one ever mentioned that our matriarch (my grandmother) was black. She was from Guanajuato, Mexico. I guess it just wasn’t appropriate to wonder(somehow)—but among us (cousins) we did refer to it. I am very curious about our roots and someday would like to look into the slave ship records and the possibility of Guanajuato having been a part of that trade.

  3. here’s the site for the film http://www.afrolatinos.tv/
    hope they post air dates soon.

    My close friend found out a couple of years ago that his abuelita was black and it was never discussed because it was considered taboo.

    I hope this documentary is done well and gets mad airtime. I think its very important to shed some light on our true roots. This perpetual black/brown beef is getting effin old.

  4. the whole hyphen American
    is United States thing
    in Mexico, you are just Mexican be you blonde, red, black, kinky, straight hair lo que sea.

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