Zapata’s Horse ready to get down in LA!!!

Multiple sightings of Zapatas horse dressed to the nines in Lincoln Park.  100 years riding and still going strong!

Since Zapata’s horse magically escaped when Zapata was assassinated in Chinameca, Morelia in 1919, witnesses have announced sightings of this legendary horse throughout Mexico. Recent sightings have occurred this morning in Lincoln Heights, just before the Mexican Centennial and Bicentennial Celebrations.

Submitted by: Ejército de Liberación del Monumento (ELM)

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2 thoughts on “Zapata’s Horse ready to get down in LA!!!

  1. Thank you Guest 🙂
    I love Lincoln Park and all that surrounds it….From the grassless field, to the fuchi scented lake and the wishbone tree… Ah, es mi sala…

    This staue I noticed today…At first I thought the cholos got a hold of it with their tube socks….100 years and counting…..By now this great Park should be historical.

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