Rumor has it…

What would any community be without its chisme, rumors and drama?
One of the latest rumors that is circulating and getting folks itchy has to do with fleas.

Heard at a recent poetry reading, all names will be avoided in typical rumor fashion, someone took the mic and said that their friend was in the hospital fighting Typhus. Being that typhus is rare these days, doctors traced the disease to fleas from dogs that came from the Midwest, and who is coming to Echo Park from the Midwest? That’s right, hipsters.

So be trucha with your self and pets when in Echo Park, especially if you see hipsters with their pets. I just heard. Anyone else hear about this? This is a public health issue.

11 thoughts on “Rumor has it…

  1. They should place de-lousing stations like the Russians had to in WWI, but now in Silverlake or west of the LA River.

  2. It’s the bedbugs that got me terrified! And then my friend tells I should take a flashlight with me when I go to the movies to check the upholstery for the critters. Eeeep! Ay, why did she have to tell me that? I’m gonna be so paranoid now.

  3. Yeah, Chimatli–I actually got rid of my mattress and bought a new one (last spring) because an exterminator friend came over and was telling me all the bedbug horror stories. It creeped me out–and made me itchy!

  4. Transplants to the Eastside, should be quarantine for two weeks prior to relocation and have up to date vaccination records. Yeah, the dogs too. LOL!!!!

    I know I’m being mean,”But, it was funny, huh?!!”

  5. I would rather be infested with fleas than read or listen to Pachuco-3000’s self-indulgent “poetry”.

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