LA to Host Lamest Grito Ever

A reventar!

So you thought you were going to check out the Grito downtown tonight, like you do every couple of years in front of city hall, eh? I sure did. But you forgot that this is the city that thrives on terrible ideas, replacing simple traditions with stupid media events that nobody can enjoy. That’s what’s happening today, the lil’ celebration to mark Mexico’s Independence has been moved to something called the “Nokia Plaza” in the totalitarian wet dream of developers known ridiculously as “LA Live”. A public event moved to private property.

Oh, and you thought you could just show up asi nomas? Ja ja, pero que menso eres! Nope, you have to buy tickets for a show of Los Temerarios, or you can go today to the Mexican Consul to get some wristbands. Because, you know, you don’t have to work or anything.

I’m not at all surprised by this selling out of our Grito tradition, but is anyone else as pissed as I am?

Screw that business, I suggest you go to Huntington Park instead.

16 thoughts on “LA to Host Lamest Grito Ever

  1. The city is broke. what did you expect, a major street party? The 4th of July celebration are not anything to rave about. And the city’s birthday passed by rather unnoticed. I get the point, a celebration that use to be a free public event got changed into a pay to attend event, unfortunate yeah. But in all honesty, with all the cuts the city has to make. This does seem reasonable. Spending money to celebrate the independence of another country, just sounds wrong. Especially given our own independence day celebration.

  2. The city is broke? Where did you hear that, I’m sure the mayor still has a large staff and the city council members still have city cars and a large support staff.

  3. @ off the street – California was not one of the 13 colonies. California WAS a newly minted Mexican province 200 years ago tomorrow. This is part of LA’s history . . . something that transplants (like you?) claim we lack!!!

  4. @noche

    you dont know a damn thing about me. so dont know assume i am some transplant.

    229 years when the city was founded it was a Spanish settlement. California was a territory, Spain nor later Mexico cared too much about California. It was then to Mexico and Spain what Alaska and Puerto Rico are to the United States. Out of sight out of mind. The only reason either country cared about the territory was to make sure the white stayed away and did not try to occupy it.
    But that all means nothing.

    You can try to reimagine some Spanish/Mexican fantasy past where California was part of Aztlan. or you can accept for the last 160 years California and Los Angeles has become what it is (love it or leave it) as part of the United States.

    Now does that mean we have to disregard Spanish and Mexican history, no. I think we should understand our history and respect all aspects of it and give each part its PROPER PLACE and PROPORTION.

    Do you have to agree with my opinions about history and culture. Nope, and i dont really care if you do.

    Does the City of L.A. have some Robert Rizzo City of Bell abuse? I’m pretty sure it does. And thats why it has some of the financial troubles it does. The reality whether you like it or not, is that the city is cutting down on everything from police, firefighter, libraries, education, social services, etc. Thats the reality and given that reality it does not make sense for the city to then spend money on a celebration of another countries independence. even if los angeles and the state were part of that country for a few decades. Not sure if central american countries even celebrate it.
    But should it be celebrated? if you got the money, go for it. There will be other festivities to celebrate it I know Olvera St (City owed, but self funded) is have some events over the weekend.

    LA live will have the plaza event open to the public for free. The event inside the Nokia theatre will require a ticket.

  5. As old LA becomes a “developers wet dream”, as El Chavo accurately puts it, suburbs like Huntington Park become the new LA.

  6. don’t say too much about HP, hipsters might be reading.

    stand on your street corner and give a grito!!!!

    fuera con los gauchopines!!

  7. Lets not get into one of those conversations because when we assume, we make an ass of u and me. Just enjoy the best you can, and as was pointed out, there are still free festivities around LA. Tomorrow is the actual Independence Day so you will have second opportunity to celebrate. As for celebrating another country’s independence day, some of us are just embracing our cultural and national history (some of us have dual citizenship) and in no way are we attempting to ostracize ourselves from other persons or the idea of being a United States resident/citizen.

  8. Well I’m catching some of it on tv, looks sparse. Plus you have the absurdity of Graciela Beltran singing with some tv’s in the background showing football and baseball clips like she’s at some shitty sports bar. Deplorable.

  9. I was pissed. We were pissed. I would’ve gone to the consulate to get wristbands but anyone that has been to the Mexican consulate knows what a nightmare that place is. First of all, no one knows where to send you. Secondly, they have a really odd schedule. They close early certain days, etc. Then, don’t even get me started on the parking.

    L.A. Live looked empty. Lastima. Let me plan an event and I’ll show you how to get things done. I mean, you’d think they would have tickets at, maybe your councilmember’s office? or, at least, Ritmo Latino? or Superior? lol

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