Death of Eastside Bars

Beto’s Bar Blog LA had been dormant for quite some time, but he recently started up again with an excellent post about some gone-but-not-forgotten Eastside bars. Go ahead and take a tour, maybe you’ll recognize some places you might have visited.

Above, Beto’s pic of the spot where Hanstad’s used to be in Lincoln Heights.

6 thoughts on “Death of Eastside Bars

  1. As far as I know, the California Club is still open. I did this about bars that are closed down. I will add it to a future post if it’s confirmed closed.

  2. Really? I haven’t seen it open in, at least, the last year. I always loved people watching as I drove by there. The spelling on their sign is classic.

  3. There were some drunken plans made by a group of us LH folks to re-open Hanstandts as a private bar ala Elks Lodge. Sadly, we are all talk and no dinero.

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