2 thoughts on “The Mild Summer

  1. The weather might be good for the beans but I cant get my tomatoes or chilis to grow much this year. They look dwarfed. No offense to any dwarfs.

    My anti-spam word – chonis. LOL , who comes up with these?

  2. What part of town are you in Buddha? I imagine near the coast, warm weather vegetables are growing a bit slow now due to the marine layer.
    I’ve surprisingly had really good luck this year with tomatoes and chiles. I was even able to coax the heirloom tomatoes to fruit which I count among one of my garden successes as I’ve never managed to get Brandywine tomatoes to do well.
    I have noticed a lack of bees in the garden. A few have been showing up within the last couple of weeks but perhaps their near disappearance is what’s causing the low yields in home gardens?
    Anyways, I’m a big nerd about organic gardening. If anyone needs basic help, I might be able to provide some advice. 🙂

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