The Original Snow Cone Factory

Damn it’s hot. I’m developing the worst farmers tan ever. Not only that, but since I’m already brown skinned to begin with, all this heat is making me look all prieto and red. I look like clay dirt, but you know what cheers me up and helps me forget my future skin cancer problems, raspados. There’s no greater force on the streets of L.A. than a raspado de fresa con vainilla on a hot summer afternoon. Munching on the ice, slurping in the flavors and mashing it all up in your cup until they’re both thoroughly mixed and drinkable. You can add some tequila while no one is looking too. That’s why even though I get my raspados from peeps in carts, I still go down to the snow cone factory once in a while, just to get out of the house, get some fresh air, a sugar rush and to chill with peeps.

The snow cone factory has been around years. And I’m talking decades here because even Rafa, who was with me at the time, remembers the place from when he was a kid. An he’s up there in age 😛 The spot has all sorts of confectionery goodies besides raspados, like that fried twinky, oreos and funnel cakes. Plus nachos, chili fritos, cheetos with nacho cheese basically everything that is bad for you.  They have all the staple raspado flavors and probably some new ones you never tasted or heard of. With the Indiana goldline stop right across the street, how can you not go there ? Everyone in East Los knows about this spot, but I’m sure that there’s one person who will read this who has never been there. So what are you waiting for already ? Vamos, but you’re buying.

3357 E 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063

(323) 269-0109

8 thoughts on “The Original Snow Cone Factory

  1. raspado man –bells jingling—raspado man-on brooklyn avenue—–ice ice ice now calle cesar chavez…..lots of change..quarters dimes..centavos …..senor raspado con un sonrisa…….summertime sight……bells jingling on the cart ——-RASPADO’S!!! –neat..

  2. I’m sorry I hate to hate on your parade but this place is wack.
    Despite the history and nostalgia, their raspados suck in the context of Eastside raspados.
    They use nothing but artificial syrups and crap.
    I know tons of other places that use real fruit in their raspados.
    Leave nostalgia in the past, get with some good stuff that won’t kill you as fast.

  3. I know I’m a lil off topic here but, what the hell happened to Jello Pudding Pops? If you were an 80’s kid then you know Jello pudding pops were the shit. I can’t find them anywhere.

  4. I love this place. My dad’s mom took him here when he was a kid all the way from Ventura to the East side just to get one of these snowcones. My dad brought me here, and now I take my kids here. The original flavor is the BOMB!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

  5. The location has been there for decades, but it’s NOT the same snowcone business from decades ago. I used to live on 2nd street in the 60s and this place ONLY sold snowcones. I remember it was an older white gentleman and he had this old time machine that was about 5 feet tall and seemed to have been built in the 50s. I remember him having to turn a wheel that would push a huge block of ice through some mechanism that would produce the more fluffy snowcone ever. It was closer to what we now call shaved ice. It wasn’t your typical snowcone ice that would harden as soon as it started melting. It’s texture was very unique. Also, no Mexican flavors at that time either.

    I’m not sure when that gentleman stopped being the owner because we moved away, but I’ve been back through the years and it’s not even close to how good they were in the past. And I think back in the day it was only a drive thru and walk up. I don’t think there was any seating.

  6. Remember the A&W BURGERS ….the waitress’s in roller skates the food was so good! Oh yeah the hamburger stand called Chroni’s it’s still there on Whittier bl and still going strong!

  7. Sad this place is gone. Like im really disappointed I would always buy the giant bucket of snow . It was a must on hot days . I don’t care what anyone says . This spot was 🔥Now it’s a coffee shop. I’ve never been there but it looks wack lol

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