Signs That Make One Skeptical

In all you do, be wary. In all you read, be wary. In all you encounter at 25mph on the freeway that suggests “wary”, take a picture. Thus was the case for me today when I spotted this not-so-encouraging ad for pre-paid legal services, “Associates needed!!!” Which led me to look thru my backlog of random photos for other signs that should make someone skeptical. Click ahead for the rest of my half-assed cobbled post.

Oh yeah, I tried going to and all I got was a lousy re-direct. Figures.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the Indoor Sidewalk Sale!

If your Mexican restaurant is going to be called “Juan Great Fiesta“, I’m pretty sure that your food is going to suck.

Is this the OG TSOL that went all soft rock on us at the Hoover back when Operation Ivy was the opening band? Is this the same OG TSOL that then got angry at the booing fans and started fighting with the crowd? And then all the local cholos got the punching hint and started picking on everyone else? Hmm, I sure don’t have fond memories of that OG TSOL.

A few weeks ago, the Ugliest Building in Lincoln Heights put out a sign advertising their piercing service. Except misspelled, which could have been an oversight. Then 2 weeks later they put out a sign looking for someone con “lisencia para percing” and then I knew it was a legit sign-o. Praise be.

In a similar vein.

What’s not to love about a homemade sign that offers a room for woman to rent which includes a handy picto of what a woman is?A lil’ frumpy maybe, but they got the curls right.

The really hot woman spend their time fixing your computer! Or your Power Jack Problems. Yes, all this can be yours at the Ugliest Building in Lincoln Heights. You can’t miss it.

In S. Pasadena, a statement affixed to a wall that I am inclined to believe.

Ok, this has gone on far enough! When a self-proclaimed NERRRRD can drive around town in some fancy car acting like they are the new Jocks, then it’s time to put this shit to an end! Just cuz yer good at math doesn’t mean yer special. Pull your feathers in, yer still just a dweeb. Plus your mom said you have to share your room this week with visiting cousins.

Is this an example of non-religious intolerance? For some reason, the diablito that advertised diablitos has been painted over. What is the world coming to when it can’t deal with a lil’ old devil?

This wide mouth aluminum bottle spilling out Miller Lite made me instantly think of long road trips and emergency measures. Hmm, maybe this is an after photo of one too many “Rest Area Closed” signs.

A good old fashioned sign-o, just like mom used to make.

Yes! Another strike against the NERDS and their incessant suckling of the internet teat. Unplug the scum! Might I suggest HLP’s Cafe de Leche consider this policy? It impossible to enjoy their decent coffee without being surrounded by the Laptop Drones. Until then, To Go please.

Woooooooo. Sale prices without revealing your identity. What a concept.

I was gonna save this sign for some other time, but you may as well just enjoy this sign-o now. I particularly enjoy the tape.

Uh, just like the composition of the wall. Nothing more to see here.

Ask about your tax if yer unemployed.

Truer words have never been said. For good reason. So yeah, shut up a bit won’t ya?

Bargain! Tuxedo and a shoe for $60. Though I think the other shoe will run you $75. Screw it, limping in socks is in!

Better you than me.

Are you skeptical now? Good! My job here is done.

One thought on “Signs That Make One Skeptical

  1. Hilarious… I noted on the lawyers car several dents. The guy must be doing well if he can’t even get his dents fixed….

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