Look Cool Pooping Your Pants

What do you get the modern hipster baby that still poops his pants? Why, fancy designer diapers to distract you from the wafting aromas! By the time you’ve snapped out of the temporary yet recurring horror that humanity is being flushed into oblivion by the same gaggle of fools that control most of the production of our necessities, the squishy bottomed baby has been removed from your work counter, with maybe a few unseen specimens left behind. But the baby looked cool.

Yup, the tagline really is “the coolest you’ll look pooping your pants” and the jean label reads “little bowel movers” or something like that. Oh haha, let’s all laugh at the cuteness that is yet another reason why our society doesn’t work. Giggle, Giggle!

If you’re a parent, you better not buy these. Don’t make me have to mock your baby.

A few yards from this fine example of Modern American Living…

Grown up poopy pants! Where’s a brick when you need one?

4 thoughts on “Look Cool Pooping Your Pants

  1. What’s MOST disturbing to me is the sexy baby tip in an (obvious) row of ‘come F me ads’. Children should not be exploited like that—and definitely should not be sexualized. Sick!

  2. That baby’s not toilet trained but he knows how to apply gel to his hair and ride a two-wheeler!

  3. Yo what up – this is Big Daddy Kane here. I just wanna say that when I saw this ad I literally crapped my pants. I figured that if a baby can crap his pants that are made to look like jeans, then I can crap my real jeans.

  4. El Chavo! you’re a lot more optimistic than I. I’m of the mind that there’s never been a need to flush us into oblivion, humanity started there and we’ve never climbed out! The fools who control the world are merely piling it on.

    That said, this is another example of some frightening trends in advertising and marketing. I recently viewed a diaper television advert (maybe it was for Huggies, I can’t recall)wherein the babies were animated in such a way as to have them performing roller disco moves. Cringe! I sat with my partner and we just looked at each other slack jawed in astonishment. Certainly this climbs to the top of the “creepy infants in advertising” list. The previous champ of course being those e-Trade ads from the perspective of a web cam with the day trading male baby’s mouth animated to be a smooth operator and to say such things as “yo, babe, can I hit you back?” when he receives a call on his cell right in the middle of a trade. Are consumers really responding to these kinds of appeals? Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know!

    Maybe babies are rapidly becoming status symbols or at least disposable commodity items. I went to the Huggies link you provided and was treated to the tag line of “He’s a keeper!” As opposed to what, throwing him onto the nearest rocky crag to his most certain death? It also appears that both the noun and verb “poop” are no longer objectional terms in advertising. Progress marches on.

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