Los Cenzontles (The Mockingbirds), a right on Chicano conjunto puts it down about the rogue state of Arizona.

With the new law in Arizona banning any ethnic study classes (aimed directly at the Tucson School District), and the direction by Tom Horne the Superintendent of the State of Arizona Dept of Education (who BTW is the Republican candidate for State Attorney General),  to fire any teachers who happen to have an “accent”,  I just wonder when this Arizona ethnic cleansing will run it’s course. My suspicion is it will take the Federal Govt to step in and stop the xenophobes  from trying to “out Mexican” each other while running for public office. We may witness even more draconian laws and enforcement like no speaking a language other than English in public places or no Spanish language TV or Radio, or mandates to force “Pollo Loco” joints to use English in thier advertising, hell they might become” Crazy Chickens” to go places in Arizona.

It’s going to get verrrry interesting. 



  1. Boycotting Arizona seems like a good idea…but then again, we get most of our water from them, and seeing as how we’re already in deep shit with our water levels, maybe we need to come up with another stratergy

  2. No, we don’t get most of our water from Arizona, and there is no other more effective strategy than the Boycott. In the last couple of days Arizona Gov Brewer (Republican), has asked for a couple of hundred million dollars to use for the tourism industry to help with the damage control that has rained down on Arizona by the Boycott and the world wide general perception (correctly in my book) of Arizona as a rogue state, now run by xenophobes and fascists who are in an ugly spiral of hate and vitriol attempting to “out Mexican each other”.
    An immigration problem is one thing, it should be dealt with immediately in an understanding and humanitarian way, but profiling people based on ethnicity and instituting laws and edicts that target specifically Mexican Americans, and the entire city of Tucson, (A more Mexican American based cultural atmosphere and architecture exists there), such as prohibiting ethnic history and culture to be taught in Arizona schools, getting rid of teachers who may be multi cultural or have a “foreign accent”, allowing racists like Sheriff Arpaio and his white posse of bigots to run amok in Mexican American neighborhoods looking for “illegal aliens” is solid proof that bigotry and xenophobia rules the day with the right wing protectors of “western sovereignty” aka white racism, in Arizona.

    Boycott Arizona! It’s hurting Arizona in the pocketbook and shines a continuous spotlight on the bigots and xenophobes operating there.

  3. Right On DQ!!! Maybe they could change the name of the state also, back to some caucasian name, it’s just a shame we do not have the majority yet to vote these idiots out of office. I was reading an article the other day about the young white proffesor who wrote this law, he’s somewhere in the mid west I believe, can’t remember his name right now, (it made me want to puke when I read about him.) He seems to be of German descent (I believe) but not sure, were his grandparents american Indians??? I doubt it!!! So even his immigrant ancestors came here for a reason, good thing they didn’t have to face a racist posee looking for recent immigrants!! I guess that asshole who wrote the law is not so “american” after all!!

  4. Thanks Vince, and knowing your jente are from Tucson I can just imagine what you are feeling now. But the good news is that the boycott is working very effectively and as the bigots in Arizona continue thier fascist operations and ethnic profiling I’m sure that all people around the world who share a common humanity will make the “Boycott Arizona” shout out even more of a hot button issue. There will be a time soon when these Arizona bigots will “out Mexican” each other to a degree where anyone who supports Arizona financially or philosophically will become outcasts and odius to all other human beings.
    BTW I just read today that some redneck in Phoenix shot a Mexican American to death over racial issues. He has not been charged so far with a hate crime to go along with the murder beef but the community outrage is growing to an uproar.

    PS Check out the utube video of one of Sheriff Joes racial profiling and outrageous treatment of Mexicans, even small children. This video was shot a year ago and proves that SHeriff Joe has been on a pogrom for MExicans that continues now legally with SB 1070
    It really sickens me to watch.

  5. Most gang members also grow old and stop beefing with people based on neighborhood or race. Unfortunately the minutemen and Arizonans behind this law never will outgrow their hatred.

  6. “Most gang members also grow old and stop beefing with people based on neighborhood or race”.

    – they also get killed and their homies promise to get revenge, thus propagating a distorted view of “street wars”, even though one day they stop and think about what all the fighting is about, come to the conclusion that there really is no reason for the violent gang warfare, but to only continue with such misguided behavior and philosophy that those gang members that grew old and stopped beefing with people based on neighborhood or race left behind.

  7. This thread isn’t about gangs or gang members, it’s about the Arizona #1070 in all it’s forms and ramifications. If you want to discuss this issue fine, if not you will soon be deleted.

  8. #1070 is an archaic piece of legislation born out of the very behavior and violence that is noted above. To delete gang related comments is to bury your head in the sand. AZ’s lawmakers got proactive and passed this rag from a true sense of paranoia spawned by the activity they witnessed first across the border in towms like Nogales and Nuevo Laredo, then in their own streets.#1070 is a product of a majority of lawmakers (and possibly voters in the future) who only want to save their neighborhoods. It’s ironic that the law was penned from the same motivation that originally helped to create street gangs.

  9. There is nothing “archaic” about Arizona “1070, in fact it is a piece of legislation that is ‘state of the art”, a prototype for legalized racial profiling and ethnic cleansing, a law that attempts to convey a sense of rectitude and propriety to this odious mandate that is now law in the state of Arizona. This same effort (ethnic cleansing), by Arizona LE in recent years, such as the discriminatory and punitive neighborhood “sweeps”, engineered by the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his white man’s posse, has now been given legitimacy and a blessing by the Arizona Republican Party aka The White Peoples Party of Arizona. #1070 is a paradigm and a precedent that other racist xenophobes are attempting to use as law in other states where the reactionary forces of nativism and discrimination have discovered that pandering to prejudice and racism will garner votes and money for election to public office.
    But there is nothing new about attempt’s to pander to peoples basest instincts of suspicion and prejudice towards another group of people, especially society’s most exploited and powerless people, it’s an old tactic used by US Southern politicians trying to “out nigger” an opponent, Nazi’s in Germany scapegoating Jewish people for it’s economic collapse that gave rise to Hitler and the concentration camps, American manifest destiny that fed off “the only good Indian is a dead Indian” theory of Imperialism.
    What is so unique about Arizona’s #1070 is it’s blatant usurpation of existing Federal Immigration laws to enable State and Local authorities to conduct sweeps of a targeted ethnic group through racial profiling. This authority has given rise to all sorts of abusive behavior in the Mexican American communities of Arizona. What #1070 will bring with it in the future is still subject to speculation, it could be used as a template for other demagogues and racists, it could be overturned by the Federal courts as unconstitutional, which of course it is, it could be a harbinger of ugly times ahead as the fascist forces in the USA become galvanized by xenophobia, racism, authoritarianism, and fear.
    One thing is for certain though, using some bogus premise of “gangs”, or a gang problem, as being pertinent to the overall issue of xenophobia, racism, ethnic cleansing, by it’s proponents using Arizona’s #1070. Gangs is an issue that is minuscule at best in the grand scheme of things, a too obvious and amateurish attempt to cloud an important issue, invoking nothing more than another thinly disguised racism and apology for neo fascism in the guise of Arizona’s bigoted SB 1070, a retrogressive law that could effect many millions of people .

  10. Gustavo and Che, I don’t care about gangs. At all. Not threatened by them, in the slightest. Refuse to recognize their existence. I view all violence as a threat, and all violence as one big giant disease that the world is sick with. I do not care at all what ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, creed or sexuality a person committing an act of violence belongs to, and I certainly don’t give one flying rat’s tail what gang they’re in, or even if they’re in a gang in the first place. My head is not buried in the sand when it comes to violence. I’m willing to address it at all costs. But gangs? Head buried firmly in sand, and that’s where it’s staying. You’re going to just have to deal with it.

  11. Dq-Thanks! You are right, half my family lives in Tucson,(your memory is sharp!) my Mom is pretty sick, and we are trying to get her to Tucson to visit her sister who is sick also, and now we have to deal with all this mess!!When we do go, we will not go in a Ford “Fiesta”, or a Ford “Pinto”,or a Nissan “Murano”, or my crazy looking 79 Buick Regal, lest we get pulled over sooner by that idiotic white man posee!! Maybe have to get a nice white Volvo!!!

  12. boycott? ya lets pull out of hotels and convention centers where its a bunch of borwn folk working. who is really being hurt by this boycott? i get that you want to get at the legislators, but this boycott hurts the low level people more than anyone. my family in AZ has told me as much.

    these boycotts are ridiculous.

    think about this all you boycoot happy folks: should New Hampshire and other states that allow Gay marriage boycott CA because we voted for prop 8? (and the people of AZ didnt vote on sb…)

    what if a state does not agree with our lax medical marijuana laws. should they boycott us?

    and what does that do to state rights?

    lastly, the sb diez veinte, whatever it is, allows what is currently happening in LACo and Orange Co and other CA counties across the state. they get to questions those people in jail and who run afoul of the law.

    keep your nose clean and you wont get caught up.

    racial profiling you say? i get profiled all the time.
    who are the worst profilers? them fake ass, 90’s left over cholos that profile me as one of them and hit me up.
    “na, i dont bang”
    those are the worst profilers. howabout yall do something about those profilers?

  13. oh and DQ, take some of them big words over to the forums. they have one on politics and immigration. youll love it there! [sarcasm off]

    it will blow your mind what people think.

  14. unico, regarding your statement about the boycotts hurting the service workers (ie; “low level people”), I originally read an article that analyzed the situation a few weeks ago. Not surprisingly, I think it was the only blurb written about it. The 99% of the MSM decided it wasn’t that important of a story to cover since I have never heard about it again. What a conundrum for the MSM, encourage boycotts for political grandstanding, or discourage boycotts to alleviate the financial burden the “brown folk” will ultimately carry.

    While it’s true that there has been an abrupt dip in revenue, long run estimates have been made and it is expected that a narrowing of the gap between revenue/expenditure will ultimately offset the short term losses. Economically speaking, everything else equals, the calculated marginal benefit of sb1070 was seen as greater than the marginal cost of the status quo,

    What I find interesting is that the feds have been supposedly “monitoring” Sheriff A. for the last couple of years (& had the dial turned up ever since J.Nap was appointed to DHS) for possible civil rights violations, with nothing to show for.

    I believe sb1070 should be dissected for it’s constitutionality, and if found to be unconstitutional it should be struck down, that being said, inflammatory rhetoric deducing proponents of sb1070 as, “racist xenophobes, neo- fascist nativists” is laughable. Especially since the “r” word has been played out so much it has lost it’s meaning.

  15. Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you sooner Vince, I have been working out of town (Los Alamos National Labs), and it’s got me freaking out with all the work and paper work that’s involved.
    And I’m also very sorry to hear that your Mom and Tia are sick, I hope they get better soon and I know they will, especially after visiting each other, hermana’s, even when they are getting up in age, love the chisme and mitotera, while being together in the cuna that they grew up in (Tucson), it’ll help them laugh,reconose, and heal up inside like they are little girls again.

    Because of the international boycott of Arizona, due to it’s xenonphobic,racial profiling, SB 1070, and those other mandated anti Mexican American edicts that have ripped off the scab of racism and nativism, with it’s delusional mouthpieces, it’s fearful propenents, who use buzz words and phrases like “Protecting Arizona’s Traditional Western Civilization from Mexicans, who want to establish an Aztec State”,
    that when translated means, “We got to get rid of all these fucking Mexicans by any means necessary, because the motherfuckers breed like flies, work circles around us, know what time it is as far as who’s foot is on their throats, vote Democratic and pro labor, and will eventually throw our white, right wing, ass’s out of power due to sheer numbers and righteouse indignation, about how we on the one hand love to pay those cheap ass wage’s, because that means huge profits, no problems, and no benefits.
    The collateral damage and ramifications on good citizens and working people of Arizona are understood and I really feel for the jente in Tucson and other places in Arizona where people believe in “live and let live”, and not like those racist rednecks like Sheriff Joe and his white man’s posse, JD Hayworth, Gov Jan Brewer, McCain, the Republican Party aka The Arizona White Peoples Party, and the rest of those idiots who want Arizona to forget it’s Mexican history, run out the Mexican American people, who are the fabric that helps makes Arizona the beautiful place that it should be.
    But, when the shit comes down so hard you need an umbrella, and when the whole Mexican American population is in danger of being deported, scared off, marginalized, or in constant danger of being rousted by Sheriff Joe’s Posse Nazi storm trooper’s, or rural cops who are maxed out on donuts and pizza, and feel like a drama that ends up rattling the cages of Mexicans, then it’s time to take drastic action, and make the bastards pay in spades.
    I sincerely hope that the rogue state of Arizona is shaken to it’s core by this boycott, and that any right wing demogouge anywhere, thinking that “out Mexicaning” an opponent , to gain votes from fearful racist voters will prove to be detrimental.
    Have a safe trip and come back to the Eastside soon Vince, and while your in Tucson say it loud “I’m from the LA Eastside, and although we support the jente in Tucson con mucho animo, I also vociferously support the boycott of the rogue state of Arizona”

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