6 thoughts on “A basic guide to immigration

  1. the federal DREAM Act falls under those guidelines of assimilating and immigrating into the U.S

  2. Great things that illegal immigrants make possible:

    – thriving taco business all over LA

    – $5 lunch specials in Monterey Park

    – agriculture

    – a mowed lawn

    – kids who give a shit about studying and going to college

    – a skepticism of the law, combined with a sense of justice and responsibility

    Illegal immigrants rock.

    I’m not 100% behind them, but a solid 85% to 90%. Positives outweigh the negatives. We’ve always had people coming in illegally.

    It’s no big deal, and probably the secret to our success. As a country, you don’t want a bunch of sheep joining the mob.

  3. Rob hate to break it to you, but acting white and modernity and racism seem to be the same thing. Jim Morrison said it: we gotta break on through to the other side.

  4. I’m speaking of what people who throw the word assimilation around mean by it. They don’t mean what Jim Morrison meant. If they do, why can’t they break on through to the other side and learn more about the Mexican way of life? Made the scene. Week to week. Day to day. Hour to hour. The gate is straight. Deep and wide…oh, forget it.

  5. We have to break on past modernity. I think Morrison was talking about the doors of perception, which is a different thing.

    Breaking past modernity is also breaking on past multiculturalism, onto the next level of understanding, which is not named, or at least has a name that isn’t known to me.

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