5 thoughts on “A special Cinco de Mayo message

  1. You’re both right. It started off fake, it’s now real. From IMDB.com:

    “This film is being made because of the fake trailer’s popularity after being featured in the theatrical version of Grindhouse (2007) along with the other fake trailers and advertisements featured in the film. “Thanksgiving” is the other popular fake trailer included in the film and was directed by Eli Roth and is now in development to be made into a full length film. ”



  2. Curious that Warner Bros has taken the Cinco de Mayo messaged “Machete” off of U tube and everywhere else.
    I wonder if the decision was financial or political?
    I’d like to hear the reason from Robert Rodriguez himself, would it consist of a bunch of legal mitote or would he step up like Danny Trejo “El Machete” at the end of the trailer
    “You fucked with the wrong Mexican!”

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